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    WTTC: Downfall of discriminating against unvaccinated travellers

    With comprehensive Covid-19 testing allowing for the free and safe movement of travellers, there should be no further requirements for proof of vaccination from the coronavirus. The vaccine programme is just beginning around the world, and so far just a small percentage of people have received the vaccination. Travel must continue to move forward not take a step backwards.
    WTTC: Downfall of discriminating against unvaccinated travellers
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    "WTTC has long been calling for an internationally-recognised rapid and cost-effective testing regime at departure points worldwide. This would avoid exporting the virus and aid the restoration of international travel."

    These are the words of Gloria Guevara, World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) President and CEO, speaking out about potential discrimination against unvaccinated travellers. She said: "WTTC wholeheartedly supports the testing on the departure of all travellers to ensure passengers can prove they are Covid-19 free and thus avoid the spread.

    "It will take a significant amount of time to vaccinate the global population, particularly those in less advanced countries, or in different age groups, therefore we should not discriminate against those who wish to travel but have not been vaccinated.

    "Only a tiny percentage of people around the world have so far received the vaccine, whereas there are vast numbers who have not, but who could be tested, show a negative result, and travel safely.

    "The common-sense approach is to allow the free movement of people who can prove a negative test result, rather than reserve travelling or jobs for a small minority who have been vaccinated.

    "Furthermore, the most vulnerable groups should be prioritized, a blanket vaccination requirement would simply discriminate against non-vulnerable groups, such as Generation X, Z and Millennials, who should be able to travel with proof of a negative Covid test."

    Source: eTurboNews

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