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The One Club announces Sustainable Development Pencil at SDG Media Summit 2019

At the recent SDG Media Summit 2019 conference at the UN, The One Club for Creativity - in cooperation with United Nations Office for Partnerships and nonprofit PVBLIC Foundation - announced the introduction of The One Show Sustainable Development Pencil.
Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, chairperson of the Summit and PVBLIC Foundation, and Kevin Swanepoel, The One Club CEO.
Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, chairperson of the Summit and PVBLIC Foundation, and Kevin Swanepoel, The One Club CEO.

The new award is aimed at rewarding agencies and brands that utilise their talents and resources to create work that betters the world and contributes to securing a sustainable future for all.


Driving that positive story

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership.

These SDGs recognise that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve the oceans and forests.

The new SD Pencil will have three categories – People, Planet and Systems – with subcategories based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The One Show Sustainable Development Pencil submissions must be in the form of a case study, demonstrating and explaining the project’s impact, scalability, sustainability and strategic partnerships. Work has to have appeared in the market between 1 January 2016 and 28 February 2020 to be eligible.

“The One Show Sustainable Development Pencil will recognise teams who contribute to this important initiative by addressing the UN’s 17 SDGs,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of The One Club.

“This prestigious new Pencil will be awarded for work that proves to have a sustained and measurable impact over time and is scalable by other brands or places. The work must also change behaviour, not just raise awareness, and involve a strategic partnership.”

"This is an amazing announcement, we are really excited about it,” said Robert Skinner, executive director, UN Office for Partnerships. "We need to recognise those who are doing good work, driving that positive story, developing partnerships and implementing the SDGs in their messaging in order to drive that real impact."

Involving brands in the sustainable mission

"We are excited to partner with The One Club for Creativity to launch the SD Pencil at the SDG Media Summit,” said Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, chairperson of the Summit and PVBLIC Foundation, a non-profit media organisation that harnesses the power of media to drive social change.

“Creativity with a purpose to help advance engagement around the 17 SDG goals must be celebrated, and we must celebrate leadership around purpose. This new One Show award is in line with the mandate of our partnership with the UN to focus on spreading the word and activating global audiences to help build a better tomorrow."

“The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action, but not just for governments and civil society. Brands should also do their part,” said Ariana Stolarz, Global CSO, MRM//McCann and PVBLIC Foundation board member.

“Creativity has proven to be a great force for change. For it to be meaningful, change has to be sustained over time. That’s why The One Show Sustainable Development Pencil is so critical: because it will celebrate sustained impact over intentions, and true change over stunts.”

Entries to The One Show 2020 may be submitted now on The One Show website. The deadline is 31 January 2020.

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