One Show Awards

#OneShow2019: Jeremy Craigen's judging pick of the day

Judging for The One Club for Creativity's One Show 2019 and ADC 98th Annual Awards is underway in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, where more than 150 to creatives from around the world are gathering judge work.
"DNA Discounts" struck a chord with Global CCO of Innocean Worldwide and One Show 2019 Film judge Jeremy Craigen, who selected it as his pick of the day.

How do you turn xenophobia and ignorance into a positive message and an ingenious business opportunity, all while having some playful fun with those who might not like your brand or its namesake? Enter Aeromexico's "DNA Discounts" by Ogilvy, where Americans who are less than enthused about the country south of their border discover that they're more Mexican than they think.

You can view this and other Art Directors’ Club and One Show entries by browsing this year’s entries and don’t miss the 98th Annual ADC Awards in May 2019 and the One Show Creative Week Festival from 6-10 May 2019 in New York City – visit our One Show special section for all the latest updates.
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