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Transforming the VR experience in hospitality

Singapore-based, VResorts, a VR-commerce and VR content innovator that caters to global resorts and hotels with its innovative virtual reality solutions., has launched a virtual reality booking platform, which enables travellers to choose their destinations and purchase their vacations from within the virtual reality space.
Transforming the VR experience in hospitality
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The content creation and meta-search platform now allows travellers to experience immersive experiences before purchasing, ensuring a competitive edge for hotels and resorts that are on the platform.

Disruptive innovation in hospitality distribution channels has been limited to the rise of online travel agencies in the mid-90’s and, more than a decade later, the evolution to mobile booking platforms. The travel solution and resort management company is introducing VR-commerce, for offline goods and services, as a new concept to pioneer the new age of e-commerce businesses.

Providing added convenience

The platform combines the benefits of online and offline shopping in one platform. It provides consumers the convenience to shop from home and compare prices, whilst engaging with the product or service on a sensory level, and helps users to 'pre-experience' a destination and its facilities, eliminating the need for lengthy, unnecessary content, which is set to positively impact the customer's experience in their decision making.

Hotels and resorts on the other hand, benefit from this immersive experience that can be used as powerful sales and marketing tools, elevating the brand offering and personalisation of the product – making sales conversion more likely.

Initially developed for travel bookings, the technology can also be applied to any product or service across any industry and users can experience it from the comfort of their homes.

Amplifying remote experiences

As the 2020 pandemic propels remote experiences to the forefront, the virtual reality booking platform will help hotels and resorts distinguish themselves in the market; an increasingly challenging task for brands and marketers in the world now.

"We believe virtual reality bookings, and indeed commerce, is the most immediate beneficiary of the coronavirus pandemic. Consumers demand the ability to interact with brands in the format most convenient and natural to them and we believe that VR-commerce for offline goods and services is simply catering to this need,” says Vladimir Varnavskii, founder of VResorts.

He adds: "The new norm for us is to continue curating diverse and seamless VR experiences on our platform to ensure that consumers' confidence in what they are purchasing is absolute."

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