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    Digital advertising group Aleph launches payment unit

    Aleph - the digital advertising company - has announced the launch of its global cross-border payments and credit underwriting unit, Aleph Payments.

    The company connects 22,000 advertisers in 130 primarily emerging countries with digital tech platforms such as TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), Snap, Spotify, Uber, Meta, Microsoft, Twitch, Google and over 35 more.


    The global digital advertising spend is expected to reach $766bn by 2025 according to eMarketer. At the same time, global remittance and cross-border payments transaction value is estimated to grow from $37.15tn in 2020 to $39.99tn in 2026 according to Frost & Sullivan.

    Over the past 19 years, Aleph has been providing credit underwriting and cross-border payment offerings to advertisers and digital ad tech platforms. Aleph currently manages over $2bn worth of total cross-border credit and payments through its network across international markets, and it is a trusted operator for its partners and clients.

    Ever-changing needs

    Gaston Taratuta, Aleph’s CEO and founder explains: “We have built our company with the capability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the digital industry.

    We will expand our cross-border payment and credit underwriting capabilities into other subcategories within the digital advertising ecosystem such as SSP’s, DMP’s, DSP’s, ad-quality, viewability, ad-serving tech, apps, gaming, etc. We are local market experts who can solve the complexities so global ad tech companies can focus on their core businesses, and local advertisers can finance their ad tech needs.

    We will also amplify our services to our current global partners such as Spotify, Uber, Meta, and new ones, expanding from our current services in digital advertising to allow cross border payment of streaming, mobility, and digital services commerce, among other categories.

    Finally, over 5,000 of Aleph's current digital-native advertisers, who are striving to connect with global consumers, could potentially become customers by leveraging the capabilities of Aleph Payments.”

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