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    Kenyan authorities set to regulate free-and-easy fintech

    The regulatory net is closing on Kenya's fintech industry. Fintech is one of the least regulated segments of the country's financial services sector, but the industry's unregulated days are numbered...

    By Ariana Issaias and Dominic Indokhomi 20 May 2021

    Carbon tax revenues could be harnessed to help South Africa's poor

    Climate change needs urgent action by all countries, and by all means...

    By Harald Winkler and Andrew Marquard 31 May 2019

    Nations in new push to boost intra-Africa trade

    The AfCFTA's potential as a tool for driving industrialisation, economic diversification and development was highlighted at the start of the UN Economic Commission for Africa's Conference of Ministers...

    By Benjamin Ouma 15 May 2018

    A new dawn for Africa as 44 countries sign CFTA deal

    The African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (CFTA ) could enter into effect by the end of this year following signing by 44 countries yesterday at the 10th extraordinary African Union Summit...

    By Collins Mwai 22 Mar 2018

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