European privacy watchdogs probe Facebook; EU wants to 'finalise' Google market abuse probe
European privacy watchdogs probe Facebook; EU wants to 'finalise' Google market abuse probe

PARIS, FRANCE: European data protection authorities have joined forces to probe Facebook's privacy controls, a French watchdog said on Thursday, putting the popular US social media giant under fresh pressure...

17 Apr 2015


Google's Eric Schmidt says that its biggest competitor is Amazon and probably some small start-up company that nobody has heard about yet. Image:
Google sees Amazon as its biggest competition

BERLIN, GERMANY: Google boss Eric Schmidt said his company's biggest competition as a search engine came from e-commerce company Amazon, and not from other search engines.

14 Oct 2014


Head of the German Publishers' and Booksellers' Association Heinrich Riethmuller says publishers are "not scared" of Amazon or its threat to boycott online sales. Image:
German book publishers 'not scared' of Amazon

FRANKFURT, GERMANY: Germany's book publishers are ready to face down competition from online retailer Amazon as the retailer is probed by the European Union of its tax deals, pricing disputes and market dominance.

8 Oct 2014


EU Digital Commissioner Guenther Oettinger has been berated by the German press for saying celebrities who are "stupid enough" to put nude images on the internet cannot be protected. Image:
German papers ridicule Oettinger for comments

BERLIN, GERMANY: German newspapers have ridiculed incoming EU Digital Commissioner Guenther Oettinger after he blamed "stupid" celebrities for having their private nude pictures hacked and spread online.

1 Oct 2014


Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch is likely to press ahead with his plans to create Sky Europe by amalgamating BSkyB with Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia. Image: Wikipedia
Sky Deutschland against BSkyB offer

BERLIN, GERMANY: German pay-TV channel Sky Deutschland's management and supervisory board recommended that shareholders reject a purchase offer by Britain's satellite TV group BSkyB.

18 Sep 2014


Uber's European boss Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty says Uber is looking to change its service to comply with the court ruling but also says it is unfazed by the setback. Image:
Uber's services halted in Germany

FRANKFURT, GERMANY: The controversial but popular car pick-up service Uber has hit a roadblock after a German court slapped it with an injunction on the grounds it lacks the necessary legal permits to operate its services.

3 Sep 2014


Head of the German Publishers' and Booksellers' Association Alexander Skipis says Amazon is 'blackmailing' publishers for bigger discounts. Image:
German publishers lodge complaint against Amazon

BERLIN, GERMANY Germany's booksellers and publishers said they had complained to the country's competition watchdog about Internet company Amazon, accusing it of using "blackmail" to gain discounts from publishers.

25 Jun 2014


Valuable paintings by world renowned artists, including Edgar Degas, and possibly looted from art galleries and Jewish families are displayed on a German website. Image: Wikipedia
German recluse launches website on 'Nazi art' trove

BERLIN, GERMANY: The elderly German son of a Nazi-era art dealer has launched a website with information about an art trove discovered at his home, suspected to contain Nazi-looted works.

18 Feb 2014


German military knew about PRISM: report
German military knew about PRISM: report

BERLIN, GERMANY: The German military has known for years of the sweeping US online surveillance programme PRISM, a newspaper reported Wednesday, citing a NATO document from the Afghanistan mission.

18 Jul 2013


Ilse du Plessis
Copyright and the world of online news

LONDON, UK / BERLIN, GERMANY / PARIS, FRANCE / BRASILIA, BRAZIL: The way in which we keep up with the news has changed greatly over the past decade. How many of us still buy a daily newspaper? Many of us opt to get our news from a variety of online...

Ilse du PlessisBy Ilse du Plessis 16 Jan 2013


CeBIT 2012: Eugene Kaspersky calls for international cyber-security organisation
CeBIT 2012: Eugene Kaspersky calls for international cyber-security organisation

HANOVER, GERMANY: Cyber-espionage, cyber-sabotage and potentially even cyber-warfare are genuine threats facing our world - and the discoveries of the first state-sponsored malware programs demonstrates the new capabilities that can be applied by...

9 Mar 2012

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