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BlackBerry gets OK to buy encryptors of Merkel's mobile

BERLIN, GERMANY: Germany said on Friday it had approved Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry's purchase of data encryption firm Secusmart, whose customers include Chancellor Angela Merkel...

3 Dec 2014


Germany says 16m email accounts compromised

BERLIN, GERMANY: German authorities said the digital identities of 16m online users had been stolen, compromising their email accounts, linked social media and other services.

23 Jan 2014


Germany slams British action against Guardian

BERLIN, GERMANY: A German human rights official on Wednesday, 21 August, sharply criticised a British crackdown on the Guardian newspaper over its publication of US security secrets leaked by Edward Snowden.

22 Aug 2013


German military knew about PRISM: report

BERLIN, GERMANY: The German military has known for years of the sweeping US online surveillance programme PRISM, a newspaper reported Wednesday, citing a NATO document from the Afghanistan mission.

18 Jul 2013


CeBIT 2012: Eugene Kaspersky calls for international cyber-security organisation

HANOVER, GERMANY: Cyber-espionage, cyber-sabotage and potentially even cyber-warfare are genuine threats facing our world - and the discoveries of the first state-sponsored malware programs demonstrates the new capabilities that can be applied by these Internet threats.

9 Mar 2012


Avira rises to second biggest anti-virus company worldwide

TETTNANG, GERMANY / JOHANNESBURG, CAPT TOWN, SA: IT security expert Avira claims to have reached global second position in market share. The company is the second largest anti-virus security company in the world according to the OPSWAT Market Share report, as measured by instalments of the software.

29 Feb 2012