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Anglo gets Minas Rio pipeline going again after two-week break to fix leak

Anglo American restarted its Minas Rio iron ore slurry pumping after a 15-day hiatus caused by a leak...

By Allan Seccombe 3 Apr 2018


Huge solar plant aims for brighter Brazil energy output

PIRAPORA - Brazil has lagged far behind in the shift to solar power, but the continent's biggest facility now being built in the south-east...

10 Nov 2017


Brics investors shake on first joint mining project

In a first of its kind, Brics countries have come together to invest in a gold mining project in Siberia...

19 Oct 2016


Design flaws led to deadly Brazil mine disaster

Design flaws led to the collapse of a mine dam and the loss of 19 lives in Brazil's worst environmental disaster...

31 Aug 2016


AECI plans to reduce its reliance on a weak SA

JSE-listed AECI plans to start producing explosives in Australia by year-end‚ as the chemicals and explosives firm looks to reduce its reliance on South Africa's weak mining and manufacturing sectors.

By Nick Hedley 30 Jul 2014


Logistics sector 2030: Africa and Asia to reshuffle the cards?

LONDON, UK: The dynamic economic development of emerging markets will fundamentally change world trade by 2030, leading to the emergence of new logistics service providers to challenge the market share of established companies.

30 Nov 2010

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