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Low-dose aspirin may lower ovarian cancer risk

Women who reported recent, regular use of low-dose aspirin (100 milligrams or less) had a 23% lower risk of developing ovarian cancer when compared with women who did not regularly take aspirin...

12 Oct 2018


Seven life-saving tips for women to remember

Lives are busy, and so much health advice gets thrown at us that's difficult to remember. Some of it is so specific - avoid this, get that, do this, not that - that it can be difficult to remember what you're supposed to do...

Issued by Digital Media Group 6 Mar 2018


Google sets up anti-ageing platform

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google's new company aimed at addressing problems of health and ageing has taken a step forward with its own website and mission statement.

13 Aug 2014


The Global Awards 2013: The winners

NEW YORK CITY, US / SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: The Global Awards World's Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising announced its 2013 award winners on Friday, 15 November at ceremonies in New York City and Sydney, Australia. Two SA agencies won Finalist Certificates.

18 Nov 2013


Binge drinking serious problem for US women: study

WASHINGTON, USA: Binge drinking is an under-recognised problem for US women and nearly 14m engage in it about three times a month, downing about six drinks each time, says a study released on Tuesday (8 January).

10 Jan 2013


Americans are hungry for healthy foods

CHICAGO, US: Healthy eating has come to the forefront of many minds over the past several years with help from the First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move program and TV shows like The Biggest Loser, not to mention the extensive media coverage regarding the country's growing obesity problem. Indeed, this increased interest in healthy eating is highlighted by new research from Mintel which reveals that just over two-thirds (67%) of Americans choose healthier foods to stay well.

By Mintel Oxygen Reports 31 Jul 2012


Economic slowdown impacts on consumer health-care spending

WASHINGTON, US: Rising health care costs, coupled with the current state of the economy, have prompted many consumers across the globe to delay care, alter household spending and worry about their ability to pay for future health care costs according to the 4th annual Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions 2011 Survey of Health Care Consumers.

24 Jun 2011