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Global bread and bakery consumption continues to experience modest growth

The global bread and bakery product market displayed modest, but sustainable growth throughout the period under review, increasing from 122,000 tonnes in 2007 to 129,000 tonnes in 2016...

23 Apr 2018


Concerted campaign helps women in Kenya's flower industry get a better deal

Women form an estimated 75% of workers at production level in Kenya and have seen some positive improvements in their employment conditions and rights over the years. But it hasn't been an easy journey...

By Lara Bianchi 16 Feb 2018


What will Brexit mean for Sweden?

Many experts have come out and said that the British Exit will lead to poor consequences for the UK, the EU, and Sweden, but just what will be affected and how?...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 29 Aug 2017


Xi's tipple sends UK ale exports soaring

LONDON - British brewer Greene King on Wednesday said exports of its India pale ale (IPA) to China had increased sixteen-fold after President Xi Jinping was photographed enjoying a pint during his recent state visit...

3 Dec 2015


Boeing forecasts US$4.5 trillion market for 34 000 new aircraft

SEATTLE, US / LONDON, UK: Boeing projects a US$4.5 trillion market for 34 000 new aircraft over the next 20 years as the current world fleet doubles in size, according to the Boeing 2012 Current Market Outlook (CMO) just released. The company's annual forecast reflects the strength of the commercial aviation market.

5 Jul 2012


Aerospace & defence M&A results are record-breaking, says PwC

LONDON, UK: Global aerospace and defence (A&D) merger and acquisition (M&A) value reached a record level in 2011, according to Mission Control, a quarterly analysis of M&A activity in the global A&D sector by PwC.

15 Feb 2012


Escalating crisis having an impact on Europe

NUREMBERG, GERMANY: Faced with the ongoing debate about a Greek bailout and the worsening debt crisis in France and Italy, European consumers are noticeably unsettled once again.

25 Oct 2011


Manufacturers face ticking time bomb

LONDON, UK: PwC report urges manufacturers to protect, prepare and plan against a ticking time bomb of financial instability.

23 Aug 2011


BRIC economies to lead the way

LONDON, UK: BRIC economies are expected to account for 40% of world GDP growth over 2011 and 2012, says PwC economists.

10 Aug 2011


UK anti-bribery Act - are you ready for it?

NEW YORK, US / LONDON, UK: While 78% of respondents who participated in a Deloitte webcast poll said there will be greater global anti-corruption enforcement in the next year, nearly as many (73%) say they are not familiar with provisions in the UK Bribery Act. The new measure, effective July 1, is likely the largest regulatory change in global anti-corruption law since the US Patriot Act in 2001.

6 May 2011


Europe will remain home of luxury retail

LONDON, UK: Despite huge growth in China, the market for luxury retail in Europe will remain the most lucrative in the world and will grow by nearly US$60 billion (about R431 billion) to be worth US$175 billion (about R1257 billion) by 2015 finds Verdict, one of the Datamonitor group of companies.

By Published by Verdict 9 Feb 2011


Unemployment, inflation worries hit consumer confidence

NEW YORK, US: Consumer confidence fell in 25 out of 52 countries in Q4 2010 as hope for a global economic recovery evaporated at the end of last year, according to the latest edition of the Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index, which tracks consumer confidence, major concerns and spending intentions among online consumers.

27 Jan 2011


Logistics sector 2030: Africa and Asia to reshuffle the cards?

LONDON, UK: The dynamic economic development of emerging markets will fundamentally change world trade by 2030, leading to the emergence of new logistics service providers to challenge the market share of established companies.

30 Nov 2010


VAT change eliminates carousel fraud threat from carbon markets

Carousel fraud, estimated to have cost the EU €5bn in lost tax revenues, will be eliminated from UK trading after changes to VAT regulations came into force this week.

3 Nov 2010

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