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Irrigating Africa: Can small-scale farmers lead the way?

We often hear that irrigation in Africa is too limited, and that the key to a "green revolution" on the continent is to expand to levels seen in Asia. But what if there is much more small-scale, informal irrigation in Africa than we thought?

By Ian Scoones 1 day ago

Africa takes centre stage at Blue Belt Initiative Conference for sustainable fisheries, aquaculture

Launched in 2016 by Morocco, the initiative provides a unified framework, exploring the emergence of low carbon and low ecological footprint on the ecosystems, in building a sustainable and prosperous fisheries economy...

15 Mar 2019

Agri SA, SAAFWUA signs MoU to enhance water resource management

Both organisations will collaborate on initiatives and projects that advance and facilitate the development of support mechanisms, for the Local Water Resource Management Institution to ensure the effective use of water by all South African farmers...

14 Mar 2019

Migration and displacement: the human face of climate change

The World Economic Report on Global Risk by the World Bank lists elements of climate change and climate risk in its top 10 list of risks the world faces today...

By Danette Breitenbach 14 Mar 2019

Time to reframe the discipline of finance to focus on sustainability

Millions of Africans still suffer from water shortages due to problems of uneven distribution and management of existing supplies...

By Danette Breitenbach 13 Mar 2019

Citizen science helps farmers adapt to climate change

The selection of seed varieties adapted to a particular climate could be refined if farmers themselves assess their performance, using their plots as small, experimental laboratories...

By Cecilia Rosen 12 Mar 2019

Global hydroponic markets to reach estimated CAGR of 6.5% by 2025

With the advent of advanced agricultural infrastructures and procedures, hydroponics is gaining widespread popularity with its ability to address the need for green vegetables...

11 Mar 2019

Woolworths, partners launch community learning farm in Stellenbosch

Woolworths has partnered with Spier Wine Farm, the Sustainability Institute and its AgroEcology Academy to launch the Living Soils Community Learning Farm - a three-year pilot project with the aim to establish demonstrative ecologically-restorative methods to grow nutrient-rich foods...

8 Mar 2019

How droughts will affect South Africa's broader economy

Climate change poses a threat to everyone. Governments, farmers and society, in general, need to take proactive steps to deal with the outcomes of changing weather patterns...

By Mmatlou Kalaba 7 Mar 2019

Seil-Safari navigates farmers through unchartered waters to new horizons

From 1-5 April 2019, Seil-Safari will bring together world-class speakers, agricultural experts and South Africa's farming community to share knowledge and know-how on the latest innovations and solutions in the sector...

Issued by Echo Produksies 5 Mar 2019

AFGRI commits R3m funding support to SA farmers

AFGRI has launched a not-for-profit company, the AFGRI Support Fund to assist those in the South Africa agricultural sector with their financial needs...

5 Mar 2019

Kuzisa injects R11m into fully black-owned M'Hudi wine farm

In the lead-up to the inaugural W12 Congress in Cape Town this May, economic development organisation Kuzisa has committed an R11m financial injection intended for job creation in the Bloekombos community of the Western Cape...

28 Feb 2019

Carbon farming: How agriculture can both feed people and fight climate change

In only a few decades, traditional dryland farming on drained peat soils will be increasingly difficult as the rich organic soils vanish and flood prevention becomes too costly...

27 Feb 2019

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