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Blockchain systems are tracking food safety and origins

When a Chinese consumer buys a package labelled "Australian beef", there's only a 50-50 chance the meat inside is, in fact, Australian beef. It could just as easily contain rat, dog, horse or camel meat...

By Nir Kshetri 30 Jan 2019


Should lab-grown meat be labelled as meat when it's available for sale?

The influx of investment into lab-grown meats and the projected price drop have buttressed claims that synthetic meat products will be on sale within three years. Growing meat is a very different process from breeding and slaughtering animals...

By Hope Johnson 3 Apr 2018


Australia clamps down on web pirates in 'Dallas Buyers Club' ruling

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: An Australian court has ordered six Internet service providers to release details of customers who shared the Hollywood film "Dallas Buyers Club" online. It could set a precedent for crackdowns on online piracy...

9 Apr 2015


Smartphones drive complaints spike in Australia

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Complaints about mobile phones to Australia's telecoms watchdog jumped 9% in a year, accounting for two-thirds of all gripes received due to growing smartphone use, a study said on Monday.

31 Oct 2012


Update: PnP sale of Franklins to Metcash

Pick n Pay Stores Limited (Pick n Pay) and Metcash Trading Limited have agreed to extend the cut-off date in their agreement in relation to the sale to Metcash of Franklins to 30 June 2011.

23 Nov 2010


Australian banks miffed over 'misleading' ad

SYDNEY, Australia: Major commercial banks in Australia are not happy about an advertisement that they reckon is misleading because it suggests that homeowners can save as much as A$35 000 (about R227 000) on their bond repayments by avoiding commercial banks.

15 Jun 2010