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Beautiful News renews partnership with Mercedes-Benz to continue sharing inspiring stories

This week, in the week ahead of what would have been Madiba's 100th birthday, Mercedes-Benz has announced the renewal of its partnership with Beautiful News. The occasion is being celebrated with a week of stories about Madiba, paying tribute to his legacy that defined a country.

Every day, at 4:14pm, a new story is released on Facebook in recognition of the time of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison on 11 February 1990 – the moment the global community joined South Africa in celebrating its most extraordinary Beautiful News story.

The renewed partnership with Mercedes-Benz means Beautiful News will keep telling its stories through powerful short films and photographs – with the only difference that it has moved to Facebook as its primary platform.

Relief, hope and inspiration

The move to Facebook has seen Beautiful News reach more people than ever before: in the first three months of 2018, Beautiful News stories were watched by 25 million people, compared to 15 million in the same period in 2017. In all, 9 films have been watched more than a million times each.

“The mainstream media is largely filled with stories of gloom, crime and disaster every day. Through our stories, we want to provide relief, hope and inspiration. Stories that are positive, authentic and true, and reflect the South African people’s remarkable, enduring spirit,” said Beautiful News founder, Adrian Steirn.

Behind the scenes of Beautiful News

A platform making impressive headway in sharing positive stories from South Africa is Ginkgo Agency's Beautiful News...

By Pasqua Heard 7 Apr 2017

Each story is a beautifully-crafted cameo that gives us a glimpse of people who are defying the odds to change their own lives and those around them. This week, for example, South Africans shared the story of the Jagersfontein Diamonds in the Rough project, which uses gumboot dancing to help disadvantaged young men express themselves – and in the process, transform their lives.

Move beyond a mindset of negativity

In June, there was overwhelming support and response to the journey of Nontobeko Mbuyazi, who was born with albinism but has risen above online bullying to use social media and her modelling career to educate others and celebrate our differences.

Selvin Govender, marketing director of Mercedes-Benz Cars South Africa, says the company didn’t hesitate when it came to extending their partnership with Beautiful News. “By sharing our experiences and journeys, we’re able to move beyond a mindset of negativity to grow and develop greater empathy for each other as South Africans. Mercedes-Benz South Africa is proud to partner in the delivery of inspirational stories and positive experiences that express who we are and shape what we aspire to be.”
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