New press offices

Educor Holdings has opened a press office on!

Educor is the largest private education supplier in Southern Africa, managing 7 educational brands across its more than 60 campuses and sites in South Africa and internationally.


Ventureburn 2018 Startup Survey results are out!

The Ventureburn 2018 Startup Survey results are out and it uncovers the nuts and bolts of the SA tech startup sector...

10 hours ago


Angola joins gas exporting body

Angola has joined the GECF, the organisation at the forefront of promoting the use of natural gas as an affordable and sustainable fuel of choice for sustainable development....

11 hours ago


Attention spans - the evolution of a goldfish

Attention spans are not shrinking, rather they are evolving to be more selective, according to new research...

By Sean Sullivan 11 hours ago


Magnum's Pleasure Store is popping up in Joburg

Ice cream brand Magnum is once again bringing its widely-popular Magnum Pleasure Store concept to SA shores with a pop-up shop in Sandton City from 16 November 2018 until January 2019...

12 hours ago


The tail wagging the dog - how politics is driving the value of the rand

Over the past few years, investors have proved that regardless of the economic soundness of a particular nation, political stability is now a crucial determinant of sentiment...

By Bianca Botes 12 hours ago


How scavengers can help forensic scientists identify human corpses

When the police recover skeletonised, burnt or heavily decomposed bodies, they need forensic experts to make sense of what they've found. One important question in such cases is: when did the person die?

By Victoria Gibbon 13 hours ago


Fostering a culture of creative entrepreneurship

Mike Beukes lists a few important things he thinks we need if we want an industry that is appealing to entrepreneurs...

By Mike Beukes 13 hours ago


Womenswear, footwear and kidswear deliver for merged Superbalist

Just over a month after its merger with Spree, Superbalist says the platform migration went ahead with no major glitches. The merger of two of South Africa's most prominent online fashion retailers...

13 hours ago


Africa can learn from EU: Ramaphosa

Africa can draw lessons from the European Union's path to integration, economic and political union, and achieving social progress, says President Cyril Ramaphosa...

13 hours ago


#FutureFit Yourself: The power of podcast in the 21st century w/ Gavin Kennedy

Who could imagine that after all of these years, Steve Jobs was a prophet? In 2005 he made it clear that he will support podcasts on iTunes and he was unyielding that podcasts are the future...

By Carmen Murray 14 hours ago


When chance meetings roll into 'you're hired' meetings

What do Tim Modise, the late Rowena Baird, Stephanie Ruhle, and Oprah have in common? They serve as inspiration for the new news and social media anchors of OpenView's Open News...

By Leigh Andrews 14 hours ago


Facebook launches tools to help users access new career opportunities

Facebook has launched new tools and resources to help youth, professionals and entrepreneurs in South Africa to access new career opportunities, including, an enhanced Mentorship tool, and an improved Jobs on Facebook product...

15 hours ago


Victory for workers at Dis-Chem

About 120 people who have been working for Dis-Chem through a labour broker are to be made permanent employees of the retail chain from 1 December...

By Zoë Postman 15 hours ago


Customs officials confiscate counterfeit goods worth R10m

South African Revenue Service (Sars) customs officials have intercepted suspected counterfeit clothing and shoes valued at approximately R10,722,364 in the Western Cape...

15 hours ago


You can now go to jail for sending these social media messages

The Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill was officially passed last week, which means you can face up to three years jail time if you are caught sending these messages...

15 hours ago


#FLS2018: Downgrade or not?

South Africa's economy is one that's vulnerable to the global economy, but it is the internal issues the country faces that will determine whether it will face a downgrade or not...

By Danette Breitenbach 16 hours ago


Driver training now in eLearning format

There may be many reasons why an employee cannot attend a full practical driver training session, and now MasterDrive has introduced an eLearning programme...

16 hours ago


All the 2018 AfricaCom Awards winners

The 2018 AfricaCom Awards were announced at a colourful and festive Mardi Gras themed event in Cape Town last night...

16 hours ago


Parliament approves Division of Revenue Amendment Bill

The National Assembly on Tuesday approved the Division of Revenue Amendment Bill, which will adjust the equitable share among the three spheres of government...

16 hours ago

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