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National Share Load Removals providing cost effective relocations when moving between provinces

Share Load Furniture Removals offers a professional removal service but at affordable furniture removal rates. It is an excellent way for our clients to move their homes across provinces in South Africa.
National Share Load Removals providing cost effective relocations when moving between provinces

Cape Removals have established a national framework and infrastructure to provide the best possible service at the best possible removal price. We have scheduled share load removal trucks running every week between the following routes:

We also offer unscheduled share load removals service between the above cities and provinces, but our unscheduled trucks will use alternate routes to also include other cities and provinces like:

National Share Load Removals providing cost effective relocations when moving between provinces

How does share load furniture removals work?

Cape Furniture Removals boasts a national infrastructure in South Africa with furniture movers that have the capacity to carry multiple households and personal items. By pooling our resources, we provide efficiency and a cheaper furniture removal price for all our customers. Our weekly furniture removals service ensures that each truck, capable of accommodating roughly three large four-bedroom homes, is utilised efficiently. 90% of our customers have loads half or smaller than a bedroom flat. This service is especially useful and cost effective for our clients wanting to move smaller loads or even one furniture item between provinces.

Bringing Removal Cost’s down when moving to a new city or province

By opting for our share loads removals, customers benefit from dividing the cost of the truck space among multiple clients that are already en-route to their desired destination within South Africa.

Although Share Load Removals offer cost effective transport of your furniture, Cape Removals still provide the same professional attention and supporting services to ensure your furniture and personal goods arrive safely in your new home.

Our affordable removal services include supporting services like:

  • Storage – Cape Town, Midrand, and Durban

  • Protective wrapping,

  • Packing

  • Insurance – Goods in Transit is included, and All Risks Insurance is optional

We aim to provide a refreshing removal experience at great prices.

  1. Huge Savings on Removal Costs for Long Distance Moving,

  2. We have two trucks traveling between each province every week. One is scheduled and the other is unscheduled serving many off-route routes.

  3. Each shared load is carefully packed, secured, protected, and managed on the truck to ensure all your goods arrive safely.

  4. Our full spectrum of services and packaging options are available so that all your goods are protected, secured + managed using our blankets, packaging, and packing options.

  5. A full inventory is written up upon collection.

National Share Load Removals providing cost effective relocations when moving between provinces

From our blog: Looking to save some cash on your next move? Check out our eight tips on how to get best price from your removal company :

Typical moves that qualify for our shared load removals from JHB to Cape Town would be:

  • One furniture item (We do have a minimum removal price depending on distance , time and nature of the item)

  • Small loads – One to 10 Items ( This category often qualifies in our minimum price category)

  • Bachelor and One bedroom flats
  • 2-3 bedroom flats, townhouses , duplexes and houses
  • Large homes – 4 to 7 bedroom homes – Our trucks are designed to facilitate 3 to 4 of these larger moves so the same removal price savings will apply

  • Offices removals – Contact your dedicated consultant for Office Removals near you for more information.

Popular Cape Removals city destinations for our long distance removals trucks supported with shuttle services for complexes and restricted accessibility:

Furniture Removals Cape Town covering all Western Cape Furniture Movers Durban for moving services across KwaZulu-Natal, Furniture Removals Johannesburg for all major suburbs in Gauteng like Pretoria, Midrand and Edenvale. Furniture Removals George for Knysna, Mossel Bay and all Garden Route towns. Furniture Removals Port Elizabeth for all Eastern Cape and East London.

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