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Dell partners with Nvidia to boost enterprise AI

Dell Technologies is deepening its partnership with Nvidia in an effort to make it easier for businesses to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI). The company announced the expansion of its Dell Generative AI Solutions range, including the launch of the Dell AI Factory with Nvidia. This move aims to help companies collect and process their own data, streamlining the development of powerful AI tools.
Dell is bringing AI closer to enterprise customers with Nvidia partnership
Dell is bringing AI closer to enterprise customers with Nvidia partnership

"Our enterprise customers are looking for an easy way to implement AI solutions – that is exactly what Dell Technologies and NVIDIA are delivering," said Dell founder Michael Dell.

"Through our combined efforts, organisations can seamlessly integrate data with their own use cases and streamline the development of customised GenAI models."

Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang echoed the sentiment, stating "AI factories are central to creating intelligence on an industrial scale.”

“Together, Nvidia and Dell are helping enterprises create AI factories to turn their proprietary data into powerful insights."

Dell AI Factory: This integrated solution combines Dell's hardware and software with NVIDIA's AI technologies. It aims to simplify and accelerate the development of AI models tailored to specific business needs.

Support for new GPUs: Dell PowerEdge servers will support Nvidia's B200 Tensor Core GPU, promising significant performance improvements and lower costs for AI tasks.

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG): Dell is launching solutions to improve the quality of AI models by using internal company data, leading to more accurate results.

Dell's commitment to AI

Dell's collaboration with Nvidia demonstrates its focus on providing businesses with the tools they need to stay competitive in the AI era. The company emphasises data quality and security across its solutions.

"Organisations are rushing to experiment with AI, but there are many challenges to achieving ROI," said Dave Vellante, chief analyst at theCUBE Research.

"New offerings, such as Dell's Generative AI Solutions with Nvidia – RAG, provide enterprises a simpler on-ramp to GenAI, helping to increase confidence and develop their own trusted GenAI capabilities that can deliver substantial business impact."

The Dell AI Factory with Nvidia, along with other announced solutions, are available to businesses immediately in selected locations from 29 March.

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