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Interior Design South Africa

Conduit Interior redefines workplace design with Bryte Insurance office projects across SA

Conduit Interior, a leading visionary design firm known for its immersive concepts, has delivered a series of transformative projects for Bryte Insurance across three major centres in South Africa, with their head office in Rosebank being the most recent project.
Source: Supplied.
Source: Supplied.

Grant Johnson, Conduit Interior founder and director, along with his expert team, have once again showcased their unparalleled expertise in creating innovative and functional workspaces that prioritise employee wellbeing and organisational success.

When addressing the in-depth process of Conduit Interior's approach and vision for the office spaces, Johnson highlighted the evolution of Bryte's workplace needs in response to the changing dynamics brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, emphasising a new hybrid working policy and a focus on employee wellness.

Johnson says: “Bryte’s workplaces needed to support their new hybrid work policy. Globally, research has shown that the top three things employees want from the office are all productivity related: To collaborate with others effectively; easier access to tools and resources; and the ability to focus. With this in mind, smart-space optimisation and dynamic space planning are a necessity - the space needs to effectively evolve with the business requirements.

"So we had to keep this at the fore when we started to design their nationwide offices while still considering what each space would allow us to achieve.

“One of the key aspects that sets these projects apart was our commitment to crafting unique environments for each location while maintaining a cohesive interior brand identity for Bryte Insurance.

"Whether it was the sophisticated and corporate ambience of the Gauteng head office or the colourful and playful design of the Umhlanga office, each space was carefully tailored to suit its specific location while reflecting Bryte's overarching values.”

Taking the time to understand the complexity of Bryte's organisational structure and unique requirements across different locations, Conduit Interior was able to provide clever solutions through smart-space optimisation while keeping a keen focus on promoting culture, social interactions, and productivity within the workplace.

Source: Supplied.
Source: Supplied.

“It’s often what is not immediately apparent that we take the most pride in, in particular we measure success against the flows and usability of each completed space,” says Johnson.

“With a team of 800 making use of their offices, it was critical that we ensured that all of Bryte’s operational needs were not only met but exceeded. We achieved this by getting to know the client and their needs intimately.

"We conducted in-depth surveys and bottom-up interviews with Bryte's team members across all levels in the business. We were able to ensure that every design element served a purpose and contributed to a conducive work environment.”

Crafting aesthetic harmony

The selection of colours, materials, and textures also played a crucial role in achieving the desired aesthetic for the Bryte office spaces. Leveraging Bryte's well-established brand identity, Conduit Interior expertly created inviting reception areas and collaborative workspaces that seamlessly integrated with the company's ethos.

“Bryte has a beautiful, well established brand identify and this was an excellent starting point for us to interpret and build on. It lends itself perfectly to multi layering of finishes and textures which is right up our alley.

"In each of the reception areas for example, we were able to contrast the warmth and richness of expansive timber against a slick composite reception desk, coupled with inviting and welcoming furniture pieces and fabrics in the guest waiting area.”

Johnson believes that interior branding is not the literal interpretation of a company's logo and brand colours into their space. “The space itself becomes part of the brand by positively reinforcing and encouraging the culture of the workforce. The workspace is designed to encourage behaviours that are consistent with the brand.”

Source: Supplied.
Source: Supplied.

For each of the Bryte Insurance projects completed over the course of the last decade, the standout design features include the striking receptions and vibrant cafes that serve as social hubs within the office spaces.

Reflecting on the projects, Johnson reiterated: “Conduit Interior's design philosophy starts with placing the client at the core of the design process. By tailoring each environment to suit the client's specific needs and brand identity, we ensure that every space is a true reflection of the client's vision and functionality requirements.”

As Conduit Interior continues to push the boundaries of workplace design and innovation, the Bryte Insurance office projects stand as a testament to their commitment to excellence and client-centric approach.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating inspiring workspaces, these spaces have set a new standard for interior design in the corporate sector.

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