Mongezi Mtati founded WordStart to help companies generate buzz around their products and services among South African influencers. He is passionate about helping brands to connect the dots from social media, digital data and human interactions outside the web.
Mtati is also digital analyst, a speaker and a contributor on some of South Africa's leading platforms.
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MD & founder
WordStart -
Present - Johannesburg


Keynote Speaker
1 Jan 2010
#BizTrends2021: What will shape digital storytelling in South Africa in 2021

In 2021, brands will see increased digital marketing and social media strategy adjustments, most of which saw growth in 2020...

By Mongezi Mtati 6 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2020: Digital content creation trends for smart brands to ride in 2020 and beyond

The advent of 5G and the growth in video consumption will lead to the creation of more visual content that customers can utilise and easily share. There will be more investment in collaborating with content creators whose messaging can be easily linked with certain brands without a major change in narrative...

By Mongezi Mtati 15 Jan 2020

7 ways for political parties to win on social media before SA's national government elections

Election time is the perfect opportunity for political parties, and their leaders, to create a digital and social media strategy that resonates with their constituencies and keeps people engaged...

By Mongezi Mtati 5 Feb 2019

#BizTrends2019: Social brands get even smarter with insightful strategy

Some of the smartest brands will take advantage of growing trends to reach out to customers and interact more effectively with their audiences...

By Mongezi Mtati 11 Jan 2019

Yusuf Abramjee shares insights from Lead SA and Crime Line

In Tribes, Seth Godin shares how you can build something that people care about, a movement that goes far beyond being a passing fad. Lead SA and Crime Line are exactly those movements in South Africa, and arguably in Africa.

By Mongezi Mtati 21 Aug 2013

[2013 trends] Seven youth-influencer outreach insights

In 2012, brands asked some pertinent and challenging questions pertaining to influencer outreach and seeding their products. Insights gained both as a delegate and a speaker at a number of enlightening conferences over the past year have led me to the following observations about what brands want and how Africa's youth prefer to be communicated with - from a marketing and advertising perspective.

By Mongezi Mtati 21 Jan 2013

Beyond apps - Does your 2013 customer engagement strategy include mobile?

There has been an increase in interest and activity in web and mobile applications over the past year. In October/November 2012, there are three important conferences focused on this developing arena, including Demo Africa, Tech4Africa and Mobile Web Africa.

By Mongezi Mtati 30 Oct 2012

Starving the Creative

As an experienced freelance creative, you've most likely been around the block a few times. You've worked with a number of agencies and proved your worth in the creative industry. You have probably also worked with corporate companies, adding to your portfolio and increasing your experience. Logically speaking, your diversity and depth of experience should mean that you are remunerated commensurate with that level of skill and ability.

By Mongezi Mtati 9 Oct 2012

Why 'Stop the NYDA' is worse than the NYDA

On Sunday evening, I saw a tweet by Ramon Thomas saying "Watching @VusiSpeaker on #Interface, on SABC3, talking about the 'Stop the NYDA' campaign". I had heard of the campaign before so I tuned in expecting an interesting debate. Within 15 minutes, I realised that our dependence on funding isn't completely "entrepreneurial".

By Mongezi Mtati 22 Jun 2012

Ever-shrinking personal networks and the value of the "inner circle"

Our increased usage of social networks has ensured that the word "friend" is used loosely to mean someone you are friends with online, and have met offline. Chats I had with bloggers and perceived influencers in the trusted authentic amplification of brands and products revealed some interesting nuggets.

By Mongezi Mtati 28 May 2012

Facilitate a movement: the shift from mass marketing

To date, there are two brands in particular, Absolut and Nike, which have hit the ground running when it comes to going beyond a social media presence and influencer engagement, making it difficult for challenger brands to catch up and maintain the pace. A third brand, Carling Black Label, did phenomenally last year by focusing less on social media and more on influencers [video].

By Mongezi Mtati 20 Mar 2012

[2012 trends] Influencers take to the web and run the streets

2011 saw the rise of more social media influencers and thought leaders; more conversations influenced how brands are perceived; and the fad of a Facebook page became more questioned than ever before. Or did that apply only in conferences and meetings I went to? Here are my predictions for 2012.

By Mongezi Mtati 26 Jan 2012

What techies are doing with social and what that means for marketers

JOHANNESBURG/LONDON: Just when you think you know where social media and its influencers are going, it all changes again. I recently attended two conferences, one in South Africa and the other in the UK, to see just what technologists are working on and where investors are looking.

By Mongezi Mtati 5 Dec 2011

WOM: Embracing the unknown, changing the status quo

The most commonly cited reason for lack of breakthrough, is fear of the unknown. Most companies, in their marketing strategies, stick to the known and mostly reach expected results. Sometimes, on the rare occasion, they exceed targets.

By Mongezi Mtati 25 Jan 2011

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