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Instagram: How to create that picture-perfect PR strategy

Instagram has gone from a trendy iOS-only app, to a massive social network with Android and web presence with more than 300 million monthly users.

It's popular growth rate of 8-million new users per month sees more than 700 photos uploaded each second with an average of 1.2 billion likes per day. Now wouldn't it be nice to have your campaign included in that success?

Instagram: How to create that picture-perfect PR strategy

As we all know and have experienced, Twitter and Facebook posts all perform better when accompanied by images. For those who haven't, now is definitely the time to get started on Instagram and one can start by assessing their content calendar through a visual lens.

According to PR Daily, those looking to up their Instagram game should consider the following:

    Be active: Look at the champions such as Nike with more than 7.3 million followers, they are posting at least once a day.

    Keep it short: Active brands on Instagram keep their posts to 138 characters. Added bonus - you can now tweet without changing the copy.
    Share the love: Posts that tag another Instagram user or includes an "@" mention in the copy increase engagement by 56 percent.
    Use hashtags, but don't go nuts: more hashtags average 12.6 percent more engagement. Most brands stick to a single hashtag, and 91 percent use seven or less.

    Think locally: Most brands (and people) don't tag their location. Apparently location-tagged posts earn 79 percent more engagement.

With 85 percent of top brands throwing their weight into Instagram, it's pretty obvious that the social network has cemented its spot as a pillar of social networking. It's time that we recognise Instagram for the powerhouse of social networking that it really is.

Here are some 'Insta-Numbers' and facts to bear in mind:

    • Top brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21 per cent

    • Instagram photos with faces receive 38 percent more likes
    • There are 57 million photos bearing #selfie hashtag and 'No Filter' is the most popular filter on Instagram
    • 52 per cent of marketers plan to increasing their use of Instagram in 2015 (up from 42 per cent in 2014)
    • 96 per cent of US fashion brands use Instagram
    • By 2017, Instagram will bring $2.81bn in mobile ad revenues worldwide
    • Bieber is the most followed person on Instagram
    • 70% of Instagram users check it at least once a day

    • Instagram has more active users via mobile phone than Twitter

Since Facebook's acquisition of the channel in 2012, Instagram growth has exploded. People are engaging with Instagram posts on levels unparalleled by any other social network. The beauty in visual marketing on Instagram is its ability to showcase your brand in an authentic way through the perspective of your most passionate and loyal fans. Clearly, Instagram is the king of engagement.

Through the power of hashtags, influencers, and more, it's possible to turn this platform into a powerful funnel for both lead generation and customer engagement. The best part is that all you need to get started is your phone and a great picture.

Is Instagram part of your social media strategy? Share your thoughts and comments with us...

9 Nov 2015 13:26


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