Developing mining skills to meet growing needs
The University of Pretoria's Department of Mining Engineering celebrated 60 years of excellence in mining education in 2021. It is undoubtedly appropriate to focus on the department's important role in addressing training needs that contribute to the long-term sustainability of the mining industry. 7 Jun 2022 Read more >>

Enterprises UP contributes to development of a construction industry roadmap to assist Botswana's growth and economy
The government of the Republic of Botswana launched an initiative to upskill and develop the construction industry, with the objective of creating a sustainable domestic construction industry capable of competing and executing projects efficiently and effectively. 13 Apr 2022 Read more >>

New branded uniform for UP Campus Tours Team, courtesy of Enterprises UP
The University of Pretoria Campus Tours (UPCT) team just received their branded outfit, courtesy of Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP). UPCT is a particularly significant initiative that Enterprises UP continue to support year after year. This year's student-managed business venture is led by 16 students from the Department of Historical and Heritage Studies based on the University's Hatfield Campus. The initiative is run under the guidance of the Director of the University of Pretoria Archives and forms a vital practical component of their degree qualification. 4 Apr 2022 Read more >>

The future of project management
Project management is the fastest growing form of management in the world. "Over the next ten years, the need for project managers will expand faster than the demand for workers in other occupations. According to a recent talent gap analysis conducted by Anderson Economic Group (AEG), there are excellent job opportunities and career growth for project managers in the 11 countries studied: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States (Project Management Institute [PMI], 2017). The project management-oriented workforce is predicted to rise by 33%, or almost 22 million new employments, by 2027, in seven project-oriented industries: healthcare, manufacturing & construction, information services & publishing, finance & insurance, management & professional services, utilities, oil & gas," explained Dr Taryn Bond-Barnard, senior lecturer at Graduate School of Technology Management, University of Pretoria. 4 Apr 2022 Read more >>

Reimagine supply chain resilience
Supply chain management has become increasingly significant to businesses in an increasingly competitive economy. Supply chain management is at the core of the South African and global economy, and it is a key area in most organisations, with applications in diverse of industries. 1 Apr 2022 Read more >>

Appointment of chief executive officer at Enterprises University of Pretoria
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd (Enterprises UP) and its board of directors are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Elmar de Wet as chief executive officer at Enterprises UP with effect from 1 April 2022. This follows Mr Deon Herbst's forthcoming retirement in this position after more than 22 successful years at the helm. 24 Feb 2022 Read more >>

Innovate, advance and thrive with new leading-edge short courses and programmes in 2022
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd (Enterprises UP) has welcomed the new year with brand new, relevant courses designed for future-conscious professionals and organisations. 19 Jan 2022 Read more >>

Return, Reimagine, Reinvent with your future-fit skills plan
Today's challenging business environment serves as a reminder to organisations that talent management, which involves appropriately deploying employees' skills to maximise performance, is a critical function. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and organisations will rise or fall based on the strength of their employees. Organisations must ensure that their employees are well-trained and equipped to deal with the emerging changes. 17 Dec 2021 Read more >>

Enterprises UP welcomes delegates from across the mining and agriculture industry
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) recently had the pleasure of welcoming a delegation from Brandhill Africa Institute of Public Diplomacy (Pty) Ltd (Brandhill Africa Institute), Farmers Connect Africa and Garyfen Holdings at the Enterprises Building. 7 Dec 2021 Read more >>

Enterprises UP stays on top through innovative high-tech marketing
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) recently launched their first digital billboard advert, on the south of the N1/N4 interchange, opposite Innovation Hub just before the Lynwood Road off-ramp. 7 Dec 2021 Read more >>

Tharisa Minerals visits Enterprises UP to explore their mining-related services
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) undertakes a wide range of research and training initiatives on a continuous basis to support the University of Pretoria's drive to remain a leading research-intensive institute. Tharisa Minerals recently visited Enterprises UP, which provided an opportunity for the two parties to discuss collaboration around Enterprises UP and the University of Pretoria's (UP) research and training capabilities. 25 Nov 2021 Read more >>

Enterprises UP positions its future-fitness in the latest Business Unusual magazine
The third issue of Business Unusual magazine was released, providing detailed insight into the African and global trade environments. 25 Nov 2021 Read more >>

Celebrating Blasting Engineering 2021 delegates who have successfully completed their training programme
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) recently celebrated the delegates who completed the Programme in Blasting Engineering offered by the Department of Mining Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology of the University of Pretoria at Casa Toscana lodge in Pretoria. 23 Nov 2021 Read more >>

New innovations like the Smart Grid Programme are evolving the energy industry in SA
Technology did not evolve at a rapid speed when compared to where power engineering was 50 years ago, advancement was slow. It was all standard practice when it came to transformers and transmission lines, and communication technology was not as developed. We unknowingly found ourselves only at the brink of what was to come. Fast forward a half-century, and we are now witnessing tremendous growth in the energy industry. 20 Sep 2021 Read more >>

Creating a winning culture in government one webinar at a time
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP), together with FranklinCovey South Africa, recently held a successful Mindsets, Skillsets and Toolsets for Building a Winning Culture in Government live webinar, which was hosted by renowned leader and businesswoman Marlinie Ramsamy, CEO of FranklinCovey South Africa. 19 Jul 2021 Read more >>

Potato pathology course gains traction from international delegates
Enterprises University of Pretoria's (Enterprises UP) globally competitive training course - Online Course Basic Potato Pathology recently enrolled 12 international delegates from Australia. 16 Jul 2021 Read more >>

Continuation of a fruitful partnership with Toyota SA
The South African taxi industry is one of the largest and viable industries that continues to exponentially grow on a daily basis. The industry has supported thousands of people and contributed to the employment of many as drivers and marshals, who have also in the process accumulated the experience in the business and operations of managing the industry. 15 Jul 2021 Read more >>

The uprising of project management within various industries
The business landscape has transformed over the years with an accelerated focus on positioning women in leadership roles, by providing them with the skills and training for industries considered 'predominately male'. 14 Jul 2021 Read more >>

Developing a business plan to assist in the development of Livestock Identification and Traceability System
South Africa has a long history of managing animal diseases efficiently and has maintained disease-free zones for several high impact animal diseases over an extended period. Recent outbreaks of animal diseases including Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and African Swine Fever (ASF) have highlighted the vulnerabilities of our livestock sectors to outbreaks of disease. 1 Jun 2021 Read more >>

Enterprises UP research project: The 4IR and its impact on future skills and training needs
A team of experts from Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) recently completed a study, supporting the Fibre Processing and Manufacturing (FP&M) Sector Education and Training Authority's (SETA)'s ongoing research into the impact of the Fourth Industrial Resolution (4IR). The focus of this specific study was to identify for the SETA, key emerging technology trends impacting their 13 sub-sectors and new future skills as prompted by these emerging technologies. It was important for the SETA to gain these insights and perspectives, ultimately assisting them to develop future training programmes. 19 Mar 2021 Read more >>

Brand new courses to kickstart the year
The new year has paved new opportunities for professionals seeking competitive skills at Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd (Enterprises UP), through the expansion of its training portfolio. Enterprises UP has introduced new, targeted and well-designed courses including, the short course in Mastering ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems (online), short course in Utilising the Target Group Index (TGI) for Practical Market(ing) Insights (contact), and customised corporate courses for organisations - Virtual Financial Markets Regulations course and Aircraft Accident Investigation Refresher (AAI-R) - all set to begin in the first quarter of 2021. 3 Mar 2021 Read more >>

Enterprises UP and Drone Safety and Legal (DSL) launch Africa's first specialised drone courses
The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the Covid-19 pandemic have contributed to a myriad of controversial viewpoints and threats when analysing the impact, on both social and economic levels in the South African context. However, an industry facing continued opportunity and exponential growth in these uncertain times is that of drone aviation. The versatility of its applications in multiple sectors provides an ideal aid for economic growth, specifically in the small business sector. 2 Mar 2021 Read more >>

Enterprises UP's first virtual certificate ceremony with the Faculty of Theology and Religion
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) together with the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Pretoria (UP) hosted a virtual certificate ceremony for delegates who completed their training programmes in 2019. 15 Dec 2020 Read more >>

One-of-a-kind Online Programme in the Essentials For Grant-making to be presented in May 2021
In May 2021, Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) together with the Department of Auditing, University of Pretoria (UP) will officially present a one-of-a-kind Online Programme in the Essentials for Grant-making, which aims to assist grant-makers to navigate through the complex process of grant-making that requires cautious thinking and decision-making. 3 Dec 2020 Read more >>

Unpacking ways to promote and protect investments in Africa
For many years the African continent has been presented with countless opportunities from potential investors around the world, which have equally exposed Africa to potential risks. However, the increasing interest in the continent has required much needed mechanisms that will unpack the fundamentals of protecting investments in Africa going forward. 2 Dec 2020 Read more >>

Enterprises UP partakes in empowering TVET students in hydrogen fuel cell systems
In partnership with the University of Pretoria (UP), Bambili Energy, the Department of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, and the Energy & Water Sector Education Training Authority (EWSETA), Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) will in the coming weeks train Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college graduates in hydrogen fuel cell systems. 24 Nov 2020 Read more >>

Enterprises UP participates in Africa's biggest online supply chain conference
The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has severely affected the livelihoods of many, as well as the economy. This economic instability has sparked numerous conversations and views about the future of industries going forward. It has required businesses to be agile and responsive to the current disruption. 30 Sep 2020 Read more >>

Helping businesses navigate through today's challenging economic environment
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought disruptions and devastating impact on the South African economy with several businesses reeling from the effects of this pandemic. The South African and global economy has taken an unexpected turn and this has had dire consequences on businesses. 18 Sep 2020 Read more >>

UP Campus Tours team offers virtual tours for you to experience from the comfort of your home
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought disruptions that require industries to be innovative and think of new ways to do things. This was significant to the University of Pretoria Campus Tours (UP Campus Tours) team that had to change their game plan and leverage on the global innovation and drive the rich heritage and promising future of the University of Pretoria to greater heights. 3 Aug 2020 Read more >>

Learn unlearn relearn - Lifelong learning for the fourth industrial revolution
The idea of a fourth industrial revolution (4IR) builds on how various stages of the industrialisation of labour have been categorised. Underlying every revolution has been the maturing and integration of scientific advances, whether Newton's Laws of Motion, using steam to drive engines, discoveries in the fields of electricity, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, the transistor or artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. 22 Jul 2020 Read more >>

Helping students to navigate their lives in a sea of change
The globe has witnessed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected how individuals conduct aspects of their personal and professional lives. The unprecedented situation has shifted how society performs daily tasks and encouraged a new approach as a coping mechanism. 13 Jul 2020 Read more >>

Delegates from IDT keep up with the global market through Enterprises UP
In Enterprises University of Pretoria's (Enterprises UP) continued efforts to deliver relevant training in a globally-competitive market, the brand recently hosted Project Quality, Risk and Time Management (PQRTM) in-house training for two groups of 20 delegates from Independent Development Trust (IDT). 10 Feb 2020 Read more >>

Competing through organisational design
The world is changing in some fundamental ways that require a rethinking of many, if not most, organisations' design. Most organisations are reformulating their strategic positioning which requires a consequent rethinking of their design. Crafting the operating model of an organisation is one of the actions making up the portfolio of key tasks that have to be performed by management in an organisation. 14 Oct 2019 Read more >>

Delegates from Uganda National Roads Authority attends the Road Rehabilitation Technology course
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) successfully presented the Road Rehabilitation Technology: Design, Material, Investigations and Management course to delegates from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA). 3 Oct 2019 Read more >>

Taking leadership development beyond borders
Delegates from the Mozambican energy company Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) once again attended a Leadership Development Programme with Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP). Facilitated by Prof. Ann de Boer - a renowned specialist in Whole Brain® thinking and management - the programme is designed for team leaders right up to executive levels and it focuses on cultivating a pool of leaders that are well-rounded in their management skills, attitudes and values while making them constantly aware of their operational environments. 30 Sep 2019 Read more >>

Exxaro deputation visits Enterprises UP
In support of the University of Pretoria's (UP) drive to remain a leading research-intensive institute, Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) takes on a broad scope of contract research and training initiatives on a continuous basis. A recent visit by an Exxaro delegation to Enterprises UP saw an opportunity for the two parties to discuss collaboration around the university's mining-related capabilities. 30 Sep 2019 Read more >>

Celebrating the Executive Course on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for Sustainable Development delegates
During the week of 12-16 August 2019, Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) hosted delegates from the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and Richard's Bay Industrial Development Zone (RBIDZ), who were attending the Executive Course on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for Sustainable Development. 2 Sep 2019 Read more >>

Enterprises UP evaluates the Change-Makers Programme roll-out in Nigeria and Mozambique
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) successfully evaluated the Change-Makers Programme (CMP) Train the Trainer (TTT) workshops conducted in Nigeria and Mozambique in the second half of 2018. The pre- and post-evaluations were conducted to assess the delivery and outcomes of the respective workshops and to identify possible areas of improvement for better impact through a classical Theory of Change framework. 30 Aug 2019 Read more >>

Enterprises UP successfully completes the Bike Share pilot project
The Department of Public Service and Administration commissioned the City of Tshwane together with Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP), to conduct a Bike Share pilot project in the Hatfield precinct. The aim of the project was to determine the overall feasibility of a bike-sharing scheme and to also assist local authorities with information that may improve the overall public transport service delivery options for enhanced citizen access and mobility. 28 Aug 2019 Read more >>

Stats SA visits Enterprises UP
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd (Enterprises UP) was honoured to host a delegation from Statistics South Africa (Stats SA). The aim of the meeting was to explore possible areas of shared interest and to collaborate on ideas for the future. 13 Aug 2019 Read more >>

Taking on the challenges facing women in leadership
What may well have been one of the biggest coordinated demonstrations of those times, the 1956 Women's March gave birth to the day we now celebrate as National Women's Day. Over 20,000 women came together to make a bold statement which is still relevant today - the rights of women for a non-racist and non-sexist world matter. 13 Aug 2019 Read more >>

Creating future-fit leaders for the emerging world of tomorrow
The best way to predict the future is to create it.
- Peter Drucker
 13 Aug 2019

Contributing 67 minutes to Good Hope Community Organisation
"A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of." - Nelson Mandela 8 Aug 2019 Read more >>

Building on the enduring legacy of Tuks Law School
The School for Legal Practice semester course has been a revered programme for many years. Resting on the notable reputation of the University of Pretoria's (UP) Law Faculty, this unique six-month postgraduate programme enables delegates to reduce the duration of their articles of clerkship to one year, instead of two, by covering the whole ambit of the Attorneys' Admission Examination in one semester. 7 Aug 2019 Read more >>

Conduit hydropower generation presents a creative option to utilise otherwise wasted energy for generation potential. Hydropower refers to the conversion of energy from flowing water into electricity. Energy found in water conduits is often disregarded as a potential source of electricity, but the country's 278 municipalities and various water-supply utilities all have pressure-dissipating stations in their water distribution systems where hydropower may be generated. 25 Jun 2019 Read more >>

Enterprises UP celebrates GSTM and Executive Education delegates
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) recently held a certificate ceremony at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria, to acknowledge and celebrate delegates that have successfully completed their training programmes and short courses for the 2018/2019 season. 4 Jun 2019 Read more >>

Celebrating Emerging Management Development Programme delegates
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) together with the University of Pretoria (UP), The National School of Government and South African National Parks (SANParks) recently honoured the delegates that successfully completed the Emerging Management Development Programme in a certification ceremony at the Saint George Hotel. 4 Jun 2019 Read more >>

The art of communication is the language of caring
In the wake of the unfortunate tragedy that occurred in Mozambique, where cyclones Idai and Kenneth hit the country, leaving the residents of Mozambique devastated and in need of humanitarian aid, Prof Juan Bornman from the University of Pretoria together with Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd reached out to lend a hand by recently presenting the emergency communication board to the Embassy of Mozambique. The delegates representing the embassy received both the laminated copies and digital copy of the emergency communication board. 28 May 2019 Read more >>

Celebrating 16 years of UP Campus Tours
The University of Pretoria Campus Tours (UPCT) initiative has grown to become one of Deon Herbst's annual beloved projects. Initiated 16 years ago by Prof Karen Harris, UPCT has grown to become an excellent business simulation exercise for the Heritage and Cultural Tourism honour's programme students from the Department of Historical and Heritage Studies. 23 Apr 2019 Read more >>

Enterprises UP teams up with SACII for entrepreneurship development in the Gauteng creative sector
The South African Creative Industries Incubator (SACII) in collaboration with Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) and the Department of Small Business Development recently presented the Entrepreneurship for the Creative Industries short course at Museum Africa in Newtown, Johannesburg. 1 Apr 2019 Read more >>

First-of-its-kind short course in Protection of Foreign Investment in Africa to be launched in May 2019
The Protection of Foreign Investment in Africa - a first-of-its-kind short course in foreign investment law on the continent - could help investors make the most of increasingly attractive opportunities in Africa. 14 Mar 2019 Read more >>

Premier management training programme for local taxi industry culminates in over 500 upskilled taxi members
Toyota South Africa, together with the University of Pretoria (UP) and Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP), recently completed another successful run of the Toyota Ses'fikile Training Programme with the aim to help enhance operations in the local taxi industry. At the heart of the programme is the undertaking to provide members of taxi associations with basic business and management skills in an effort to ensure that the taxi industry continues to play a meaningful role in the country's economic development. 30 Jan 2019 Read more >>

Leadership development for school principals
Experiential leadership training and skills development that ignites change in schools, classrooms and communities 15 Jan 2019 Read more >>

New short course teaches you how to think like a cybersecurity expert
Cybersecurity has become increasingly important for companies following widespread security breaches resulting in the theft of customer information. Industries continue to rely heavily on data and digital systems and as we move into industry 4.0, bridging the skills gap in cybersecurity is an absolute must. 8 Jan 2019 Read more >>

New online programme in sectional title management to be launched in 2019
The Introductory Programme in Sectional Title Management - a groundbreaking online programme specifically developed for the sectional title industry - will be launched in 2019. 12 Sep 2018 Read more >>

Enterprises UP partakes in launch of new incubation programme
"Business incubators are important in developing and promoting growth of small enterprises. In the South African context they also drive the transformation agenda and promote economic inclusion to undo the legacy of our past. Their management and operation therefore needs competent individuals capable of developing start-ups into scalable and sustainable enterprises," said CEO of Seda, Ms Mandisa Tshikwatamba. 7 Aug 2018 Read more >>

Sharing Madiba joy with Luvuyo Home
This year marks what would have been the centenary birthday celebration of Nelson Mandela. To observe this year's Mandela Day celebrations, Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) staff once again generously gave their time and donations to Luvuyo Orphanage Home in Soshanguve. 30 Jul 2018 Read more >>

National award for shared heritage railways project
The University of Pretoria's Department of Architecture and Enterprises University of Pretoria's research project, NZASM Footsteps along the Tracks, 1887-1899, has been honoured by South Africa's highest award for architecture: the Corobrik South African Institute for Architecture (SAIA) Award for Excellence in Architecture. An award for excellence is the highest accolade for architecture that the SAIA can bestow on a project. 27 Jul 2018 Read more >>

Enterprises UP partakes in first Gauteng township film academy
The much-anticipated Leaders in Motion Academy was launched by the Thato Molamu Foundation in partnership with Gateway Media and the South African Creative Industries Incubator on Wednesday, 4 July 2018, in Eersterust. Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP), who partakes in the academy by presenting an entrepreneurship course to the young filmmakers who will enrol in the academy, was invited to the launch function and to share in the gratitude and atmosphere of excitement. 17 Jul 2018 Read more >>

Proposed domestic carbon tax - What a song!
During a concert in 1983, Bono, the lead singer of U2 and well-known humanitarian, said the following: "There's been a lot of talk about this next song. Maybe too much talk." This is how I feel about the proposed domestic carbon tax. It has been a long process. Let me explain. 5 Jul 2018 Read more >>

Enterprises UP continues support to UP Campus Tours
The University of Pretoria Campus Tours (UP Campus Tours) team is officially sporting newly branded gear, courtesy of Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP). UP Campus Tours has become a cherished project for Enterprises UP which the company supports each year. The student-run business venture is based on the Hatfield Campus of the University and their main function is to provide professional tours on campus to prospective students, new university staff, international visitors and the public at large. 5 Jul 2018 Read more >>

A day at Enterprises UP gives young learners hope for the future
Cell C's Take a Girl Child to Work Day® has become one of the most important, life changing days for school girls around the country. The much-lauded initiative has had a powerful impact on the lives of more than a million girls, preparing a core of future women leaders who will be vibrant contributors to the economy and leading job creators for our country - Cell C 8 Jun 2018 Read more >>

First-of-its-kind combined Training Solutions and Research Solutions catalogue published by Enterprises University of Pretoria
The latest biennial products and services catalogue showcases 20 fields of industry with a selection of more than 500 training programmes and short courses paired with 50+ applied research and advisory services. 9 May 2018 Read more >>

Making food safety a priority
South Africa is currently experiencing a foodborne outbreak associated with ready-to-eat cold meats caused by a common foodborne pathogen called Listeria monocytogenes (Listeria). The outbreak has caused illness in more than 1,000 individuals and more than 180 deaths. This has led to the recall of many ready-to-eat cold meat products from manufacturers and retailers causing millions of rands worth of damage. Furthermore, this unfortunate scenario has caused tremendous disruption of international trade on the African continent where some of the implicated food products are exported. 9 May 2018 Read more >>

The sixth annual RMDP culminates in over 1,700 upskilled retail managers
The sixth annual run of the Retail Management Development Programme (RMDP) - presented in partnership with Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) and the Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (W&RSETA) has come to a roaring success, with this year seeing the more than 1,700 successful leaders and managers (with a 98% success rate) being upskilled in the retail and wholesale sectors. 24 Apr 2018 Read more >>

Making water management a priority
This year, National Water Week is observed on 17-23 March 2018 under the theme "Water is Life -20 Years of Water Delivery for Social and Economic Development". It prompts us to reflect on the suffered widespread drought suffered by Western and Southern Africa in recent years. The drought and water shortage devastation has roused the need to manage our water resources more effectively. The quality of natural water resources around the world is also in a state of decline due to nutrients inputs from municipal, industrial and agricultural activities. 26 Mar 2018 Read more >>

Enterprise development - the gift that keeps on giving
What started out as an Enterprise Development (ED) initiative in 2014 has produced exponential results for BT Conglomerate. Under the leadership of Mr Bethuel Nevondo, the small business has now grown its operations, starting out as a gardening services business which has branched into civil works. 23 Mar 2018 Read more >>

Local research project takes Gold at Gauteng Premier's Service Excellence Awards
Spatial and Institutional Development and Management Framework for the Hatfield Campus Village project shines at the 2018 Gauteng Premier's Service Excellence Awards. 1 Mar 2018 Read more >>

Tuks FM welcomes new station manager
It truly is the dawn of a new era for Tuks FM as the community radio station appoints its first-ever female station manager, Ms Leanne Kunz. Kunz is anything but the new kid on the block as she boasts with more than a decade's worth of experience in the radio industry. Her love for radio coincidently started at campus level while she was completing her Media Studies degree at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. 30 Jan 2018 Read more >>

Supporting local entrepreneurship in the creative arts industry
In a country like South Africa where there are limited creative industry resources and where the creative industry is still in an early growth phase, it has become critical to equip different creative entrepreneurs with the much-needed tools to develop and sustain their industries, as well as their entrepreneurial ventures. 16 Jan 2018 Read more >>

Investing in the improvement of blasting engineering practices
In its fifth year running, the Programme in Blasting Engineering has presented industry best practice methods and techniques for professionals working in the commercial blasting industry. Attended by an international delegation, the programme saw attendance from delegates coming from as far as Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana. 7 Nov 2017 Read more >>

Twenty years of developing practical project managers
On Friday, 31 August 2017, a function was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Programme in Project Management (PPM) - a continuing education course to develop practical project managers. A number of clients that regularly send their employees on the course, and several other stakeholders attended. 13 Sep 2017 Read more >>

Education leadership course attracts international delegation
The Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) Education Leadership and Management course attracted an international delegation of 16 school principals, all from various schools in Nigeria. The esteemed course is a mentorship programme with the focus on the empowerment of school principals and educators. Through the course, educators are instructed in various aspects of leadership and management for the purpose of affording all learners quality education. 6 Sep 2017 Read more >>

Celebrating two decades of excellence in project management training
The University of Pretoria has been teaching project management at postgraduate level since the 1970s and by the end of August 1997, a practical 20-day project management programme, the Programme in Project Management (PPM), was launched. Since then, the programme has been presented 154 times - celebrating 20 years of training excellence in project management. 25 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Legacy project celebrates South African architectural history and heritage
A legacy project of Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) has recently culminated in the publishing of a richly illustrated research report - NZASM Footsteps Along the Tracks: The Identified Extant Built Residue of the Nederlandsche Zuid-Afrikaansche Spoorweg-Maatschappij (1887-1902) - in July 2017 celebrating the architectural history and heritage of South Africa. 25 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Award-winning innovation on the Van Zyl Spruit Bridge
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) has once again been involved in an exciting, award-winning research project. Ms Sarah Skorpen, a senior lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Pretoria, was the joint winner of the Innovation in Concrete category at the Fulton Awards 2017 for her work on the Van Zyl Spruit Bridge. 18 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Programme provides in-depth environmental understanding to boost green industry
Owing to the continuous development and application of new technology in the green industry, training and research provider Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises at UP) will present the biannual 10-day Programme in Environmental Management under the auspices of the Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) at UP. 11 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Samsung Electronics and Enterprises UP partner to promote e-learning
The first training session of the Samsung e-Learning for the 21st Century Educator was launched in Pretoria on Monday, 5 June 2017. 10 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Enterprises UP and ABSA open new learning avenues for credit providers and the banking sector
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) and ABSA have launched a training intervention, the Advanced Programme in Debt Review (piloted in 2016), with a group of 23 delegates in the banking and credit provider industries successfully completing their training earlier in 2017. 10 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Enterprises UP presents wastewater management and treatment short course
Owing to an ageing water infrastructure as well as the increasing drought crisis that has affected various regions in the country, Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) notes that its short courses on water quality management and effluent treatment, challenge attendees to come up with innovations and designs that will assist in recycling wastewater. 10 Jul 2017 Read more >>

New programme aims to ensure safer rail transport in South Africa
The Railway Occurrence Investigation Programme (ROIP) was jointly developed by Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) and the Department of Civil Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (EBIT), at the University of Pretoria (UP) to assist the business in eliminating the escalating and repetitive nature of incidents through proper investigation. 10 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Enterprises UP supports entrepreneurial activities
Assisting and ensuring the success and sustainability of SMMEs 10 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Skills development for retail growth in South Africa
Retail management training and excellence were celebrated at the fifth annual W&RSETA Retail Management Development Programme (RMDP) certificate ceremony. Nine groups from across South Africa graduated with exclusive certificate ceremonies with the Gauteng region showing the best performance this year. 10 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Enterprises University of Pretoria bestows award to dedicated educator at EduWeek Awards 2016
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) bestowed an award to a deserving educator dedicated to making a difference in education on Wednesday, 29 June 2016 at the second EduWeek Awards as part of the annual EduWeek celebrations at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. 1 Jul 2016 Read more >>

C-AIM in Africa
There is a rapidly growing need to optimally manage the integrity of physical assets over their entire life cycles, from design to decommissioning. This requires maintaining assets in a fit-for-service condition while simultaneously extending the remaining useful lives of such assets. Enterprises University of Pretoria's Research Solutions, through the University of Pretoria's Centre for Asset Integrity Management (C-AIM) unit, has the ability to address these needs and is currently involved with international projects on an advisory basis. 20 Jun 2016 Read more >>

Optimising the relationship between businesses and SMMEs
Within the South African context it is expected that organisations need to work together with, and play a role in the development of entrepreneurs and small businesses. This symbiotic relationship is required to generate socio-economic growth. Through socio-economic development programmes, many companies are able to make positive contributions to society, yet the challenge is in ensuring that the contributions made will yield sustainable results. 20 Jun 2016 Read more >>

Leadership Development Programme for School Principals kicks off in Pretoria
Empowering individuals to make a change for thousands more 2 Jun 2016 Read more >>

Grand plans for the CoT ceremonial unit
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) has a long-standing and prolific partnership with the City of Tshwane, having offered, and continuing to offer, various training and skills development services to the city. Together, several special projects have been executed, including the latest project which involves providing formal training for members of the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) Ceremonial Unit. 27 May 2016 Read more >>

Enterprises UP celebrates Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day
Girl learners spent a day at Enterprises UP and Tuks FM 27 May 2016 Read more >>

Celebrating real-time retail transformation in action
Retail management training and excellence celebrated at the annual W&RSETA certificate ceremony 27 May 2016 Read more >>

Creating sustainable business environments to support and develop SMMEs in Tshwane
As per their mandate from the City of Tshwane, one of the Tshwane Economic Development Agency's (TEDA) roles is to aid SMMEs by creating opportunities and platforms to promote their development and assist these enterprises in overcoming the challenges they face in entering the marketplace. 1 Sep 2015 Read more >>

Redefining (training) reality
Customised training for professional development that opens doors for the blind and visually impaired 31 Aug 2015 Read more >>

Building managerial capacity in the SAPS through professional development
"Training, skills development and education remain key objectives if we are to remain relevant to police in a democratic dispensation." 28 Aug 2015 Read more >>

8th International Clinicians' Course for TB in South Africa
The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), in association with the University of Pretoria, is delighted to present the 8th International Clinicians' Course for TB in South Africa to be held from 13-16 August 2015 at no cost*. 17 Jun 2015 Read more >>

Architectural and engineering approaches to infection control
Pretoria: 6-10 July 2015
A free* course offered to professionals in the Built Environment (architects/engineering practitioners) and healthcare sectors.
 12 Jun 2015

Cracking the code of enterprise and supplier development
A supplier development solution for small businesses and micro-enterprises 8 Jun 2015 Read more >>

Technology equips librarians with 21st-century skills to help create digital citizens
"Libraries remain at the core of academic activities. They are at the forefront of creating digital citizens." 5 May 2015 Read more >>

Tuks FM receives coveted Campus Station of the Year Award for fourth consecutive year
The best of South African radio was honoured at the sixth annual MTN Radio Awards gala dinner at the Sandton Convention Centre on Saturday, 18 April 2015. Tuks FM walked away with five awards including the prestigious Campus Station of the Year Award for the fourth year running, which brings Tuks FM's MTN Radio Awards tally to 26 over the last four years. 30 Apr 2015 Read more >>

Agri-entrepreneurs empowered with skills in job creation, food security and rural development
"The success of land reform must be measured by the extent to which new entrants [to the Agricultural Sector] make a positive contribution to food security, job creation and rural development." 28 Apr 2015 Read more >>

National Youth Development Agency invests in skills development and legal compliance in the workplace
"As a result of a management meeting [of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)], as a collective we realised the need to have some sort of training in disciplinary enquiries. Our HR department did the necessary research and found [the course in Disciplinary Enquiries at the Workplace] to be the most relevant." 21 Apr 2015 Read more >>

Railway Engineering celebrates 21 years' collaborative training with the University of Pretoria and Transnet
With an extraordinary partnership initiated in 1994 between industry and higher education, Transnet and the University of Pretoria (UP) celebrate 21 years of collaborative training and research in Railway Engineering in 2015. 14 Apr 2015 Read more >>

Construction Economics Certificate Ceremony
Delegates who successfully completed the course in Construction Economics attended their Certificate Ceremony at the Musaion on the University of Pretoria's Hatfield Campus on 2 February 2015. The delegates were received by CE at UP staff and congratulated with a formal certificate handover that was attended by the CEO as well as General Manager of CE at UP, respectively, Deon Herbst and Hermien Dorfling. 2 Mar 2015 Read more >>

First-year commerce students invest in an early start to their careers
Shortly after receiving their matric results only a week before, more than 100 first-year students at the University of Pretoria kicked-off their BCom degrees with an early start on 12 January 2015. 27 Feb 2015 Read more >>

The fourth Railway Research and Training Review
On the 4th of December 2014, The Chair in Railway Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Pretoria hosted the fourth Railway Research and Training Review. 4 Dec 2014 Read more >>

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