Retail in 2030: AI, IoT, big data, and omnichannel as teenagers
Retail in 2030: AI, IoT, big data, and omnichannel as teenagers

Will technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) mean the end of human engagement and shopping in a physical retail store? Will we become completely dependent on Internet of Things (IoT) technology for shopping? Will we rely on a fridge to remind us of our shopping lists? Will we see robots shopping side-by-side with us in Checkers? Let's explore Retail 2030.

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10 retail trends for 2019
10 retail trends for 2019

For the retail sector as a whole - and for physical stores in particular - 2019 will be a year of reinvention, a recently released report by Coresight Research finds. "We anticipate that the year will be marked by spectacular retail, fast retail, and smart retail," the report states. "The result will be a global retail sector that is stronger and better equipped to serve rising consumer expectations."

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Social media has made brands less relevant, not more

When social media first hit the radar of marketers, the possibilities seemed endless. Finally, marketing would be a true two-way conversation.

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How to use design thinking to build the next Amazon

CNN recently called Amazon "the most valuable company on the planet". A big part of the goliath's success comes down to design thinking and founder Jeff Bezos's insistence on an empty chair.

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