Blocked airline funds could slow down recovery - IATA
Blocked airline funds could slow down recovery - IATA

The International Air Transport Association has urged governments to abide by...

19 Aug 2021

Combined market cap of global airlines plunge by $12bn as Covid cases rise
Global air cargo posts strongest first half-year growth since 2017
Global air cargo demand up 12% in April
Global air cargo demand up by 4.4% in March compared to pre-Covid levels
Kwik expands services, becomes first full-stack last-mile delivery platform in Nigeria
Global air cargo demand drops by 10.6% in 2020
Global trade connectivity rebounds, signals recovery from Covid-19 setback
African airlines report 13.8% decline in air cargo demand
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The Bizcommunity: Not taking lockdown lying down
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African air cargo soars, while global market faces headwinds
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Kobo360 confirms Kenya as new strategic hub for African operations
3 steps towards 'glass boxing' your company with a Biz Press Office
Bizcommunity Recruitment in Africa Focus
IATA releases global air transport statistics for 2017
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