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FemiTI to stem drop-out rates of Ghanaian girls

A reported 75% of girls in Ghana attend primary school, but there's a significant drop in girls in high school and college. Research by the World Wide Web Foundation further revealed that women in poor urban areas in developing countries are 50% less likely to use the internet than men. The DreamOval Foundation believes these gap can be bridged through the active development of women by introducing them to STEM-related programmes.

A new initiative by the DreamOval Foundation, FemiTI intends to improve the country's innovation, competitiveness and productivity by bringing more girls into the formal digital fold. The programme will help young girls develop problem-solving skills through coding and robotics, and empower them to facilitate technology creation to generate opportunities for societal transformation, thereby ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education. The first edition of FemiTI has just been concluded in partnership with SAP.

Francis Ahene-Affoh, senior vice president at the DreamOval Foundation, said: "We believe in empowering women in the 21st century as they play a key role in the development process. We identified these girls from underprivileged communities who can be empowered digitally to become problem-solvers for their communities."

For more information about FemiTI, view this documentary video:

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