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US calls for Ethiopia to free jailed journos

NEWSWATCH: More journalists jailed in Ethiopia raises the issue of media freedom on the continent. Especially by the US, which is calling for the country to stop using its anti-terror laws to detain them.
US calls for Ethiopia to free jailed journos
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With South Sudan on Reporters without Borders' list of deadliest places for journalists to work, media freedom on the continent is back in the spotlight.

Now it's Ethiopia's turn to face the full brunt, with negative sentiment based on security forces in the country having killed at least 75 demonstrators during weeks of regional anti-government protests, reports Voice of America.

As a result, despite following hot on the heels of its recent praise for Ethiopia releasing a number of jailed journalists, the White House has renewed concerns about the recent arrest of further media workers in the country, says First Post.

Washington is seen as having a good working relationship with Ethiopia, especially as US President Barack Obama visited the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, the seat of the African Union, in July.

Ethiopia can only continue to be seen as a voice for development in Africa by showing respect for human rights and through democratic governance that ensures freedom of speech, clarifies the Press Trust of India.

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