Brazil, Colombia: Nearly 40% of non-computer web traffic on tablets

BRASILIA, BRAZIL / BOGOTA, COLOMBIA: comScore, Inc recently released its latest report on connected device usage in Latin America from comScore Device Essentials.
The report found that non-computer devices (including mobile phones, tablets, and other connected devices) accounted for an average of 2.6% of all web browsing activity across the 10 Latin American markets included in the study. When looking at non-computer traffic, Brazil had the highest percentage of web traffic coming from tablets at 39.9%, while Chile had the highest percentage of web traffic coming from mobile phones at 78.8%.

"Consumers' digital media consumption is rapidly expanding to multiple devices as a growing number of Latin Americans stay connected though smartphones and tablets," said Alejandro Fosk, comScore senior vice president for Latin America. "Understanding how these multiple platforms influence consumers' media consumption habits should be at the top of marketers', advertisers' and publishers' 2012 planning lists, because the new realities of the multiplatform digital environment will only become more disruptive over time."

Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Chile see non-computer devices drive largest share of web traffic

Analysis of the current distribution of Internet traffic (defined as browser-based Internet page views) across devices found that traditional computers still account for an overwhelming majority of Internet traffic across most markets, although non-computer traffic has continued to increase in the past year. Among the markets included in this study, Puerto Rico had the highest percentage of non-computer traffic in October 2011 at 5.9%. Costa Rica was next at 3.7%, followed by Chile at 3.1%.

Share of Non-Computer Internet Traffic (Mobile, Tablet and Other) October 2011 Selected Latin American Markets (Source: comScore Device Essentials)
Total Share of Non-Computer Traffic (Mobile, Tablet and Other)
Puerto Rico 5.9%
Costa Rica 3.7%
Chile 3.1%
Mexico 2.9%
Colombia 2.0%
Ecuador 1.9%
Argentina 1.7%
Peru 1.6%
Venezuela 1.5%
Brazil 1.3%

Brazil has highest share of non-computer traffic coming from tablets

When looking exclusively at non-computer traffic, different countries in Latin America exhibited varying mixes of traffic coming from mobile, tablets and other connected devices. In Chile, mobile phones accounted for 78.8% of non-computer Internet traffic, the highest percentage of mobile traffic among the markets included in the study. Argentina followed with 77.0% of its non-computer Internet traffic occurring on mobile phones in October.

Brazil had the highest share of non-computer traffic coming from tablets, which accounted for 39.9% of all non-computer page views. In Colombia, tablets accounted for 38.9%, while in Puerto Rico they drove 34.6% of non-computer traffic.

Share of Non-Computer Internet Traffic October 2011 Selected Latin American Markets (Source: comScore Device Essentials)
Mobile Tablet Other
Argentina 77.0% 17.1% 5.8%
Brazil 56.0% 39.9% 4.1%
Chile 78.8% 15.7% 5.6%
Colombia 53.7% 38.9% 7.4%
Costa Rica 63.9% 27.1% 8.9%
Ecuador 58.0% 30.0% 12.0%
Mexico 58.2% 27.8% 14.0%
Peru 65.0% 24.1% 11.0%
Puerto Rico 45.6% 34.6% 19.9%
Venezuela 57.8% 31.4% 10.

Apple has largest non-computer traffic market share across markets

When looking at the operating system (OS) share of non-computer traffic among the selected Latin American markets, Apple's iOS led the way in the wide majority of countries. Apple accounted for the highest percentage of non-computer traffic in Colombia (64.3%), followed by Puerto Rico (63.7%), Brazil (60.6%), Chile (60.2%), and Mexico (60.0%). These high percentages were driven by high intensity of media consumption among iPhone users combined with the iPad's dominance in the tablet market. Android's OS led in one of the included markets, Argentina, accounting for 33.1% of non-computer traffic.

OS Share of Total Non-Computer Internet Traffic October 2011 Selected Markets (Source: comScore Device Essentials)
iOS Android Symbian RIM Other
Argentina 27.5% 33.1% 11.2% 3.8% 24.4%
Brazil 60.6% 19.6% 5.1% 0.7% 14.1%
Chile 60.2% 24.3% 4.5% 3.3% 7.7%
Colombia 64.3% 11.9% 4.3% 10.8% 8.8%
Costa Rica 51.9% 11.9% 12.0% 1.0% 23.2%
Ecuador 58.0% 14.1% 8.0% 7.8% 12.0%
Mexico 60.0% 15.8% 4.6% 4.1% 15.6%
Peru 48.1% 30.3% 6.5% 2.6% 12.5%
Puerto Rico 63.7% 28.4% 0.3% 1.2% 6.5%
Venezuela 47.4% 15.5% 4.4% 14.2% 18.5%


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