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Flexenclosure wins global mobile award

VARA, SWEDEN / BARCELONA, SPAIN: Flexenclosure, a specialist provider of intelligent power management solutions for base stations, has won the telecom and mobile industry's GSMA 2012 Global Mobile Award recognising "excellence, achievement and innovation within the mobile communications industry". Flexenclosure won the Green Mobile Award for its E-site green power solution.
Flexenclosure was handed the 2012 Green Mobile Award for its E-site solution at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last night. The Global Mobile Awards are held by many in the field to be the most prestigious telecom/mobile awards in the world, in 2012 presented for the 17th time by the mobile operators' global trade organisation GSMA.

The judges' comments were that Flexenclosure's E-site is "current, practical, and cost-efficient. The solution helps to alleviate issues around radio base station power availability and also deals with environmental preservation."

A green solution

The E-site is a revolutionary new green energy solution that enables mobile base stations off-grid to be powered mainly by renewable energy sources (sun and wind) instead of dirty and expensive diesel fuel. It has the capacity to reduce diesel consumption for powering base stations by over 90%, reduce CO2 emissions by as much, and slash operating expenses by more than 80%.

It is the second year in a row that Flexenclosure wins a Global Mobile Award. Last year, Flexenclosure won a Global Mobile Award in the category "Best use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development" for its Community Power project, together with its partner Ericsson. Flexenclosure has also in the last 15 months won the International Green Award (for Best Green Technology) and an AfricaCom Award (the Green Telecoms Award).

The 'Green Mobile Award' category is for mobile industry organisations that are focused on the reduction of environmental impacts through eco-friendly, innovative policies, products, programmes or initiatives, as well as organisations outside of the industry that utilise the mobile platform to communicate, innovate or drive eco-friendly programmes, services and initiatives.

The 'Green Mobile Award' highlights the role of mobile in the development of low carbon economies, industries and lifestyles through improved energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, recycling, conservation, travel, manufacturing and logistics cost reduction and eco-friendly consumption.
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