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World Cup victories boost workplace productivity

MADRID, SPAIN/JOHANNESBURG, SA: According to a European SMB survey released on 6 July 2010, victory for the Dutch or Spanish in the 2010 FIFA World Cup could be the most desirable for Europe - in purely economic terms!
The World Cup could be delivering an unexpected boost for the small/medium-sized business (SMB) sector across Europe. According to research across the region's SMB community, more than half respondents claim to work more efficiently and effectively the morning after a national football victory.

The survey[1] - conducted during the group stages of the World Cup - confirmed the UK and the Netherlands as generating the biggest victory boost with 63% and 62%, respectively, claiming higher levels of workplace efficiencies the morning after a victory.

The majority of Germans, however, admitted to being less efficient the morning after a national victory (only 47% being more efficient), which could suggest that - in purely economic terms - a victory for the Dutch or the Spanish (56% are more efficient) could be the most desirable World Cup outcome - unless you're a German, of course.

The survey was commissioned as part of HP's 'Laser Jet Pays You Back' campaign.

Are you more efficient in the workplace the morning after your national football team has secured a victory?

Luis Casado, marketing director, LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions (LES), Imaging & Printing Group Europe, Middle East & Africa, explains that the World Cup can bring an unexpected boost to the workplace in terms of morale and commitment, especially where interested employees are able to organise their work around match screenings.

"Collective sport can certainly make a difference in terms of workplace engagement and motivation. An imminent kick off time really can focus attention on ensuring tasks are completed in advance, especially if your national team is playing," says Casado.

"In terms of efficiency levels the morning after a victory, it all depends how much you celebrate, and as a Spaniard myself I can assure you that I have had plenty of practice recently!" he adds.

[1] Based on research undertaken amongst 1674 working professionals aged between 18-65 across the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Greece, South Africa and Turkey by the independent Web research company, StrategyOne. The research was carried out between 31 May 2010 and 7 June 2010.
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