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Aseem Malhotra's SA tour raises public healthcare safety scare

The current visit, lecture tour and associated social-media campaign by UK-based cardiologist, Aseem Malhotra in South Africa has raised public-safety concerns among clinicians, scientists, and public-health specialists in South Africa and beyond.
Source: Pexels

Malhotra is known to have strong and controversial views on Covid-19 vaccines and his claims that the risks of Covid-19 vaccination outweigh benefits have been expressed in public forums, including here in South Africa.

While Malhotra states that he is presenting evidence-based data, his “evidence” is cherry-picked, anecdotal, or comprises falsely linked side effects to Covid-19 vaccination. Malhotra, a cardiologist at the ROC Private Clinic in the UK has specifically claimed that Covid-19 vaccines have harmful cardiac effects, a view refuted by the British Heart Foundation.

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