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Medical community slams top heart surgeon's anti-vaxx comments

The medical community has come out strongly against prominent heart surgeon, Dr Susan Vosloo's anti-vaccination sentiments on the BitChute, a platform described as the right-wing alternative to YouTube.
Dr Susan Vosloo. Source: Facebook
Dr Susan Vosloo. Source: Facebook
Vosloo was the first women to qualify as a cardiac surgeon in South Africa and practices at Netcare Christian Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town. The hospital group issued a statement distancing themselves from the doctor.

“The sentiments as expressed in the contents of the video are in complete contradiction to the unrelenting endeavours of Netcare, our clinical colleagues, healthcare workers and others to try and curb the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic," says Jacques du Plessis, managing director of Netcare’s Hospital Division.

“The video further contradicts the views and endeavours of the South African National Department of Health as well as those of global institutions such as the World Health Organisation. Given the grave implications of the comments made by Dr Vosloo and the potential deleterious impact on both national and global efforts to curb Covid-19, Netcare completely dissociates itself from Dr Vosloo’s anti-vaccination message.

“Nevertheless, we have full regard for the fact that as a medical professional, Dr Vosloo is an independent practitioner and that as an individual she is fully entitled to her own views,” Du Plessis says.

Although it did not directly refer to Vosloo's video, the South African Medical Association (Sama) issued a statement, saying it is "dismayed at reports that some healthcare workers – including doctors – have discouraged patients from getting Covid-19 vaccinations based on doubts about vaccine safety and effectiveness"

Dr Angelique Coetzee, Sama chairperson, says: "“Vaccine hesitancy, however, should be condemned, and so should those who fuel it, particularly doctors who should know better. We share concerns with global and local scientists – and I use that term purposefully – that unfounded objections to Covid-19 vaccines deepen the public health crisis caused by the pandemic."

SA Heart® (The South African Heart Association) also issued a statement saying: "Although Dr Vosloo is a well-respected cardiothoracic surgeon, her personal opinion is in direct contradiction to current evidence-based standard of care both locally and internationally.

The body says it represents the opinion of cardiovascular practitioners in South Africa, and "recognises and advocates for the use of vaccines in the prevention of severe Covid-19 infections. There is clear scientific evidence for the use of vaccinations to reduce the risk of both hospitalisation and death in Covid-19 infections and with the benefit of vaccination far outweighing its risk".

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