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Plascon reveals its Colour Combination of the year for 2022

Plascon has announced its Colour Combination of the year for 2022, which works in a 60:30:10 ratio. Suitable for both interior and exterior schemes, according to the brand, the three shades each explore various elements of nature.

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

Pear Fantasy

Plascon’s hero - or dominant - colour representing 60% of the ratio is Pear Fantasy (Y5-B2-1). "This soft yellow-green makes for a modern, neutral shade while being comfortingly familiar. Capturing the soothing charm of a sandy shore at sunrise, this shade instantly puts our minds at ease and enlivens our spaces," the paint brand says.

Desert Water

Constituting 30% of the colour combination ratio is Desert Water (B5-B2-2), which Plascon describes as a calming and uplifting pale blue hue with an illuminating touch of purple. "Inspired by the sunlit surface of tranquil water, this shade is subtle yet impactful, perfectly complementing the neutral Pear Fantasy. Lighter blue shades are associated with health, healing, tranquillity, and softness," says Plascon.

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied


Rounding off the ratio at 10% is Zanzibar (70). "A soft yet grounded colour, there’s a quiet warmth to this gentle smoky brown that brings an anchoring balance to lighter, cleaner hues. Capturing the fresh soil and majestic tree trunks of an early morning trail, this colour brilliantly accentuates the Plascon Pear Fantasy and Plascon Desert Water," the company says.

The combination has been chosen to reflect a specifically African context, from the actual colours themselves to their very names. “Often, trends that filter down to us from Europe or the USA are designed for that context, and not an African reality. Here, we are bringing together colours that reflect the way we live here, and that are created with Africa in mind,” says Plascon’s head of marketing Suvasin Moodley.

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