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How to know when to upgrade your fleet

If your fleet is made up of cars which are costing more in their service and repair bills and which make you seem unreliable to customers, it could be time to upgrade your fleet.
© Michal Bednarek via 123RF
MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, gives a few tips on how to know when to update your fleet:

1. If the car is older than five years

Depending on the make, warranties start to run out around the five-year mark. After this, there is much greater risk and consequently expenses when things start to go wrong.

2. If there is more than 100,000km on the clock

While this wouldn't ordinarily be considered excessive mileage, studies have shown that your maintenance costs on the vehicle increase by 30%.

3. Outdated safety features

If your fleet lacks basic safety technology such as airbags, you should seriously consider upgrading. It can also be worthwhile to upgrade to get some of the new or more advanced safety technology. Extra airbags, rearview cameras and Bluetooth connections can also play important roles in increasing safety.

4. Exterior damage

Certain damage to the exterior of the car can threaten its structural stability. Scratches in the pain can cause unseen damage to the body if it rusts, a major dent in the bumper reduces its effectiveness, and damaged doors are dangerous in a collision if the side impact bars have been compromised.

5. Increased maintenance

If you are increasingly finding your fleet in for repairs or stuck on the side of the road, this is also costing you in terms of your overall reputation. Do not develop a reputation as an unreliable company because of your fleet.

Your company also stands to benefit from reduced costs and increased value when you dispose of the vehicles which have reached a certain age or mileage.
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