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Super Group gets green light to acquire Right Side Up

The Competition Tribunal has granted Super Group Holdings approval without conditions to acquire Right Side Up.
Image source: kritchanut –
Image source: kritchanut –

Super Group is a supply chain and logistics services business which covers supply chain management, vehicle dealerships and fleet leasing and management. Its business encompasses the planning and management of all activities across the supply chain, including the sourcing, procurement, transport and warehousing of goods and services. Super Group further offers fleet leasing services and owns and operates vehicle dealerships.

Right Side Up provides distribution solutions. Its business can be segmented into the following two divisions:

  • Economy break-bulk distribution involving the freight of goods from customer warehouses and delivery to customers such as car dealerships, hospitals, clinics, mines, media outlets and private homes; and
  • Retail break-bulk distribution involving the delivery of goods from distribution centres to predominantly chain stores.

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