Introducing Africa's most advanced interconnected data centre platform

In April 2022, NTT premiere Data Center in Africa, Johannesburg 1, will change the way enterprises experience the critical role data centres play in business today.
Conrad Kock: Principal Practice Head – Physical Infrastructure
Conrad Kock: Principal Practice Head – Physical Infrastructure

What gives an enterprise a competitive edge in a business landscape driven by innovation, technology and commoditised pricing?

It comes down to the organisation’s ability to drive business processes, improve operational efficiencies, and execute business transformation. A world-class data centre offers the flexibility that allows businesses to rapidly respond to digital demands today and delivers the agility to move swiftly as the business evolves into the future, giving businesses a better chance of staying ahead of the competition.

Johannesburg 1 is more than a data centre

Powered by world-class technology, Johannesburg 1 is one of NTT’s premier technologically advanced, high-quality data centers. Johannesburg 1 is underpinned by NTT’s significant capital to transform the data centre landscape globally - the third largest data centre provider in the world – making this much more than a data centre. The Johannesburg 1 Data Center is Africa’s launch pad to a local and global interconnected marketplace.

Through the Johannesburg 1 Data Center, enterprises can access a powerful interconnected ecosystem and link to any data centre, as well as multiple local and global locations, on any cloud, any network, and through any internet exchange using a high-speed network link. There’s no longer a need to choose or work within pre-defined and existing network or data centre barriers.

Instead, Johannesburg 1 is a retail and wholesale data centre for colocation and cloud service providers, and large enterprises who are looking for dedicated infrastructure, operational control and design flexibility to support their high-performance needs.

An interconnected marketplace offers several key benefits to business:

Freedom of access and connectivity: Irrespective of whether an enterprise is operating on prem or in the cloud. Interconnected marketplaces support any network and any exchange, at any location.

Freedom of future decision making and growth: Increased flexibility, scalability, security and more; significantly reduced costs and risks; reduced complexity; and simplified transactional processes and reduced pain points.

Freedom of choice: In geographic data centre location, whether local or global, via access to all data centres within the local and global network, and even to competitor networks. As a carrier-neutral operator, the Johannesburg 1 Data Center’s connectivity-rich data centre network provides a scalable and resilient platform wherever you need it.

Freedom to keep working: The Johannesburg 1 Data Center is engineered with carrier-class, uninterruptible and backup power, offering fully redundant power supplies from multiple power feeds, ensuring clients are always-on. Its advanced cooling and humidity controls provide continuous environmental management, and systems are monitored around the clock to ensure they are fully operational.

Freedom to access top local and global expertise: Dimension Data’s global data centre platform combines tailored, localised experience with the power of NTT’s global expertise to deliver mission-critical data centres and a consistent client experience that will enable clients’ business and digital technology goals.

The future and beyond

In a fully connected future, the potential and possibilities for Africa to build strong local businesses and participate extensively in the globally connected economy, is dependent on access to world-class data centres locally and internationally. They are the key to unlock the potential of a data-driven, data-informed future.

Dimension Data and NTT offer an interconnected platform for a secure, connected, and sustainable digital future. Dimension Data and NTT plan, build and manage technologically advanced, high-quality data centres that serve as a foundation for corporate SA needs across cloud and hybrid IT. Middle East and Africa clients can work with one ICT and data centre provider for all their business and digital transformation needs globally.

To discover how Johannesburg 1 will change the way South Africa does business and the extensive solutions available to businesses, download the white paper, Reach new heights by accessing Africa’s most advanced interconnected data centre platform, here.

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