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Feisty Ford Fiesta ST200 for optimal fun

As I went for my first spin out towards Cape Point after they dropped off the limited edition Ford Fiesta ST200, I immediately understood what they meant when they said "be careful when you put your foot on the gas".
Feisty Ford Fiesta ST200 for optimal fun

What’s it like?

Well, she is fast, that's for sure.

Dubbed the "most powerful and fastest Fiesta ST to date", Ford claims that the limited edition Ford ST200 shoots from 0-100km/h in 6.7 seconds. I personally struggled to match that and reached 100km/h in over seven seconds.

Thanks to the premium Recaro heated sport seats, driving is super comfy - especially if you're tackling a bendy road. Though it is comfortable for driving, the getting in and out can be a bit uncomfortable for the not-so-agile ones among us.

If I'm completely honest, waiting at a red traffic light there seems to be some pressure on the go, since the car screams "race me!" to those around it.

What about engine and safety stuff?

The 1.6-litre six-speed manual EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engine has been enhanced, with peak power of 149kW (or 200hp, which is why Ford went with "ST200").

Feisty Ford Fiesta ST200 for optimal fun

Maximum torque has increased to 290Nm from the standard car’s 240Nm. The car manufacturer says a further 11kW and 30Nm are available for up to 20 seconds using the engine’s transient overboost, further improving the hatchback’s acceleration.

As with the standard model, the Fiesta ST200 is equipped with seven airbags including a driver’s knee airbag, ABS, electronic stability programme (ESP) and enhanced torque vectoring control to ensure efficient power delivery to the front wheels, even under the most demanding driving conditions.

What else?

The ST200's naughty looks are enhanced by the 'storm grey’ metallic exterior colour set against its matt black 17-inch five-spoke alloy wheels that frame red front and rear brake callipers.

Reverse parking sensors and an integrated reverse camera just always add a touch of driving convenience. The ST200 is equipped with both.

Feisty Ford Fiesta ST200 for optimal fun

How many bucks?

The 200 exclusive, limited edition Ford Fiesta ST200 units (which are all sold by now) retailed at R339,900 (including VAT).


The limited edition Fiesta ST 200 is a feisty, fun Ford.

Even though it has an upgraded suspension which includes a rear twistbeam with 27% more roll stiffness, an increase in diameter from 19 to 21mm for the front anti-roll bar, and new damper specifications for better impact absorption, to me the car felt a bit hard on the slightest uneven road and I quite drastically felt every small bump. That said, if you are a fast car fan, and planning to stick to smooth roads, you'd probably - okay, definitely - have some serious fun in this one.

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