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FNB clients can now sell their homes via the FNB app

NEWSWATCH: No trick, just a treat for FNB clients - as of Wednesday, 31 October, the bank's clients are able to list and sell their homes to other FNB clients via the Nav»home feature of its mobile app.
FNB clients can now sell their homes via the FNB app
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Eliminating the need for an estate agent, the feature allows clients to list the property they want to sell which will be accessible to all potential buyers who already qualify for a home loan and have been credit checked. Utilising the chat function of the FNB app, prospective sellers and buyers can arrange for viewings and negotiate the price of the property.

“With over eight million properties registered in the deeds office, we see a significant opportunity to become a game-changer in the property industry," said FNB Retail CEO Raj Makanjee.

As a bonus, buyers get 50% back in eBucks on the first home loan repayment and up to 50% off bond registration fees with pre-selected attorneys.

"The new functionality allows known FNB sellers to connect with known FNB buyers in a reliable, cost-saving and secure environment. This allows us to build upon our existing home marketplace, which enables the ability to either sell through an estate agent or privately," said Jolandé Duvenage, Nav chief imagineer (CEO).

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