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#StartupStory: New bicycle app delivery service to disrupt the logistics landscape

App delivery service Dash Deliveries, founded by Marvin Muller and Caleb Thring, is a new way to move your parcels from A to B with zero emissions. Dedicated to both delivery of products purchased on the internet and specialising in catering services and express courier, all by bike, Dash Deliveries aims to provide a simple, cost-effective and efficient solution.
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The company provides same-hour on-demand delivery that’s 100% eco-friendly, within a 20km radius, whether it is for retail, high-quality food and drinks, personal delivery, company events or marketing campaigns.

We chat with Muller and Thring to find out more.

BizcommunityWhy Dash Delivers? What was your inspiration?

Muller: The idea started in September 2017, when I needed PC hardware delivered from Sandton to Bedfordview, urgently, but because it was after 2pm, it would only be delivered the following day. Despite the distance only being 20km, I figured there had to be another way for urgent inner-city deliveries to be done. After a bit of thinking and digging on the net, this is how Dash Deliveries was born.

Thring: Marvin has been bouncing off the idea of Dash Deliveries from the beginning, getting my input and advice as well as being his supporter to bring Dash Deliveries to life. He has had a few offers from people to buy the app, however, I have also been against him selling because I saw the potential of what Dash Deliveries can be. And so in 2020, he asked me to officially become a partner with him. There are many courier delivery companies, but very few that offer what Dash Deliveries is offering, especially in South Africa.

BizcommunityCan you tell us more about the importance of a zero-emissions service?

M: Whether you believe in the science or not, climate change is affecting the entire world, and with extreme weather conditions, such as drought, heatwaves, heavy rain, floods and landslides becoming more frequent, the need for zero carbon emissions becomes increasingly more important.

However, we at Dash Deliveries are not satisfied with zero-emission, we would like to become carbon-positive; we are in discussions with a tech company to harness the power generated by riders.

T: With the constant power outages in Richards Bay and the ongoing load shedding in South Africa, there is now a need to look for alternative energy sources and think out of the box. Becoming carbon-positive is not only a must, we should be making it a way of life. By reducing our carbon emissions, we can effectively decrease our carbon footprint in the fight against global warming.

BizcommunityWhat kind of estimated delivery time can consumers look forward to? And what sort of parcel sizes/weight can consumers choose from?

M: Consumers can expect their goods delivered well within 90 minutes of booking. We currently limit parcels to a weight of 10kg, as long as it can fit into a rider’s backpack or basket.

T: Consumers can look forward to dimensions comprising 600mm x 500mm x 380mm.

BizcommunityHow is Dash Deliveries' services empowering riders?

M: Dash Deliveries pays out a generous 70% on each successful delivery directly to the rider every two weeks. Bicycles are far cheaper to purchase and have very little maintenance costs, allowing more people across South Africa to earn a living. Each rider works on their own schedule and is thus their own boss. Lastly, riders stay fit while earning.

T: With the current unemployment rate and slow growth of the economy in South Africa, someone that is sitting at home who is unable to earn an income. Dash Deliveries provides a great initiative to be able to be productive and earn a living.

BizcommunityWhat is your long-term vision for Dash Deliveries?

M: For Dash Deliveries to become the first major inner-city delivery service by bicycle across Africa and to empower as many disenfranchised people as possible.

BizcommunityWhat has the reception been like to the platform?

M: It's been incredible. People can’t wait to start sending goods through our app.

T: It's been exceptional; the excitement and anticipation of using the app is growing.

Dash Deliveries is still at a phase where they are recruiting riders for the service. It will be available in metro cities (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Umhlanga and Ballito) in April.

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