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Switch to reliable, productive and sustainable printing

Epson's introduces new WorkForce Enterprise printer range.
Switch to reliable, productive and sustainable printing

Epson has announced the launch of range of 40-60ppm business models for its Workforce Enterprise AM series, providing a comprehensive suite of inkjet multifunction printers with Piezo Heat.

Free technology that reaffirms the company's commitment to inkjet printing.

Featuring an innovative compact design, modular configuration, and low energy consumption, the WorkForce Enterprise AM-C series delivers the latest printing capabilities for the modern office. Along with a host of technical innovations, delivering Epson's three core principles of printing outlined below:

  • Reliability: Using fewer consumables, the WorkForce Enterprise AM-C series printers require less maintenance and intervention, meaning reduced downtime and increased ease of use.
  • Sustainability: Workforce Enterprise AM-C Series incorporates Epson Heat-Free Printing Technology, which offers measurable eco-performance, reducing consumption and operating costs while saving energy. Fewer consumables and reduced maintenance requirements also mean customers save on resources.
  • Productivity: With print speeds of 40, 50 and 60 pages per minute covering all of your document needs, Epson’s Heat-Free Printing Technology means efficient, productive printing, especially after the machine has been in sleep mode.

A worry for many businesses has been breach of security when it comes to documents, according to Orion Printing secure printing can help prevent error and fraud by ensuring that sensitive data, intellectual property and personally identifiable information do not get into the wrong hands. This can include things such as financial information, patient records, medical research data and more. The WorkForce Enterprise AM-C series printers offer enhanced features to make printing more secure than ever before, this includes:

  • Data Protection
  • Device Protection
  • Document Protection
  • Communication Protection

Epson aims to achieve sustainability through efficient, compact, and precision technologies. Switching from laser to Heat‑Free printers does not only enable business to use less energy, it also helps them improve their environmental footprint.

The benefits of heat free printing solutions includes:

  • Saving time With consistent high-speed printing: Heat-Free Printing Technology requires no heat to warm up when it is switched on or awoken from sleep. This means printing starts immediately.
  • Less power consumption saves energy and money: Heat-Free Printing Technology uses less power because it does not use heat to warm up. As inkjets have no fuse unit to heat, this results in significantly less energy consumption.
  • Fewer replacement parts, lower environmental impact: Laser printers typically have more consumables and require periodic replacement of the drum, transfer belt and fuse in many cases. Thanks to Heat-Free Printing Technology, the Epson inkjet printers use fewer parts that need replacing.
  • Less intervention increases productivity: The Heat-Free structure of Epson inkjet printers means that there are fewer parts that can fail, which reduces the amount of intervention required.

Timothy Thomas, country manager for Epson South Africa says: “At Epson we are committed to introducing innovative printing solutions that not only meet the demands and needs of customers but also play a role in saving the environment. In addition to offering measurable eco-performance, the new 40-60ppm series will help businesses save energy, reduce consumption and reduce operating costs, which means increased productivity.”

More about the new range

  • Most compact footprint in class and significantly reduced weight
  • C-shaped paper feed reducing the chance of paper jams and improving reliability
  • 10.1 inch interface panel – smarter and more intuitive with eco print settings
  • Simple and easy to use with auto paper size detection and soft-closing paper cassettes
  • Easy loading, compact high-capacity ink cartridges
  • High capacity paper handling - up to 5150 sheets
  • Reduce downtime - Designed for easy internal access and quick and efficient routine maintenance
  • 60ppm / 120 ipm scan capability and optional embedded OCR feature
  • Inner finisher – compact and space saving to compile and staple documents. Also available with optional hole punch
  • Attachable booklet outer finisher – to provide stapling, hole punching, envelope printing, saddle stitching, and centre and tri folding

For more information on our WorkForce Enterprise range, visit https://www.epson.co.za/verticals/workforce-enterprise, email az.oc.nospe@ofni or call +27 10 109 5320.

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