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New three-way stop planned at the Cedara interchange

N3TC will implement a new permanent three-way stop on the R103 (at the north- and southbound N3/Cedara Road interchanges in KwaZulu-Natal) during April 2019. The R103 three-way stop will not impact traffic on the N3 Toll Route, but will improve traffic flow at the intersections.
Road users are advised to be alert when traveling along the R103 at the Cedara interchange and to expect and obey the new three-way stop signs.

N3TC cautions road users to always reduce speed and stay alert when approaching these intersections.

“This N3TC-initiative is yet another measure to enhance road safety and to improve mobility,” explains Lukas Edwards, N3 Toll Concession’s project engineer. A three-way stop in an area such as this, where a key transport node crosses over a busy highway and traffic volumes are high, will go a long way to control traffic, and to reduce congestion and decrease driver frustration.
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