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#YouthMatters: Niyaaz Isaacs of automotive YouTube channel LibeRebil

If you are a car enthusiast from Cape Town there is a good chance that you have come across the YouTube channel LibeRebil. The channel is owned by Niyaaz Isaacs, a young devout petrol head that has become one of the most recognisable YouTube acts in South Africa. The videos on the channel are vlogs and reviews of new cars and modified ones. Cape Town youth has a strong passion for modified cars, and Isaacs is the man who is showcasing these local cars on the world's biggest video sharing platform.
Niyaaz Isaacs, YouTube video content creator
Niyaaz Isaacs, YouTube video content creator

We are celebrating Youth Month this June at Bizcommunity and Isaacs is a good example of a young person that has taken things into his own hands. I spoke with him regarding his YouTube channel and other business ventures he's entered.

Tell us what motivated you to start your YouTube channel and what motivates you to keep it going.

Isaacs: I've been watching a guy called Maxx Chewning since he started and I loved the way his content made me feel. Because of him, I started YouTube with a friend.

Congratulations on 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. Tell us what you did to reach this level and what it takes to find success on the platform.

Isaacs: Thank you so much. Honestly, I just remained consistent with my uploads and for every video, I put out I tried my best to bring the best part of me forward. YouTube requires dedication, lots of it.

I noticed that you bought a new warehouse late last year. Can you tell us about that and the new business ventures you’ve started?

Isaacs: Gino Lange, an extremely good friend of mine, pitched me an idea to start a customs shop in Paarl, Western Cape. I was taken aback because all my life I wanted to be part of a business where not only my channel can grow but where can help build a business that is authentic and from the heart. Where I can go through difficulty in order to grow and develop. It's a custom car shop called L.A Customs where we build customs cars and do vehicle wrapping.

What all needs to be done in order for you to create a quality video that will get lots of views and increase your number of subscribers?

Isaacs: Firstly is an idea, once you have that idea for the particular vehicle you are shooting you then film it and see that idea come to life. I don't worry about how many subscribers I have and how many views the video gets. I do it because I enjoy it.

Comment on the significance of electric mobility and how it will change the automotive landscape in South Africa.

Isaacs: Unfortunately, I don't have much experience here, and to speak of this now is too early. We simply don't have the infrastructure yet and electric cars in South Africa are extremely expensive.

I know that you are a devout petrol head. But do you think South African youth need to develop a sense of affection for electric cars? If so, why?

Isaacs: I had the opportunity to drive BMW's i3 and I was completely blown away by it. I couldn't believe the acceleration but also how quiet it was. Once the youth start seeing what these cars do at our local race tracks, they are surely going to come round.

What do you think the most important thing is for youth in South Africa when it comes to cars and why?

Isaacs: Cars keep youth out of trouble, they stir emotions and put a smile on your face, they keep you away from doing wrong as they keep you occupied. That feeling of your foot on the throttle, lovely exhaust note at the back and a good song on the radio, there is nothing like it.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Isaacs: Definitely to remember that all things in life don't last forever, and not to care what anyone thinks of me.

What words of encouragement do you have for our youth?

Isaacs: Put your mind to something knowing it won't be easy, that it will challenge you with all sorts of things and look at that challenge as a lesson and regard it as development for yourself. We all are not perfect, but if you keep your mind on the right path success will find you.

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