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FFA/Netcare join forces to boost health innovation

A partnership between a tech accelerator and a private hospital group will provide a platform for entrepreneurs to build and scale health-tech startups that address the key health issues across Africa.
Richard Friedland, CEO of the Netcare Group
Richard Friedland, CEO of the Netcare Group
Founders Factory Africa (FFA) and Netcare have joined forces to design, build and scale over 35 healthcare startups across Africa. The FFA model includes its accelerator programme, which develops existing businesses through a bespoke six-month programme, whilst the incubator programme will build completely new businesses. Netcare will provide access to hospitals, primary healthcare clinics and healthcare value chains, deep health technical expertise, data and IP to the startups. The healthcare provider will also have the opportunity to continue investing in the new health businesses once their value propositions are proven.

“This exciting initiative enables us to stimulate healthcare innovation and development in South Africa and across the rest of the continent. We are proud to be joining Founders Factory Africa in creating a support system for entrepreneurs which will help them grow innovative healthcare businesses and will provide value to people across Africa, while also unlocking future investment opportunities for Netcare," says Richard Friedland, CEO of the Netcare Group.

The partnership will unlock groundbreaking opportunities in accessing affordable healthcare. "We will deliver digitised healthcare solutions and contribute to spearheading Africa’s innovation in healthcare. The time, the opportunity, and the need is now, for driving Africa’s health-tech to improve the lives of millions of people," says Roo Rogers, co-founder and CEO of FFA.

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