New initiative for no cost tagging with media Metrix 360 in Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE: comScore, Inc recently announced that it will offer free participation in Media Metrix 360 to online publishers in Southeast Asia. Under this new initiative any publisher can now participate in Media Metrix 360 measurement with no implementation fee for tagging.
New initiative for no cost tagging with media Metrix 360 in Southeast AsiaThe new initiative gives publishers of all sizes the ability to participate in this enhanced approach to digital measurement. comScore announced this initiative at the Media Development Authority (MDA) Digital Advertising Alliances launch held in Singapore, the first major combined Singaporean initiative to drive growth in the national and regional interactive industry - and also includes the Interactive Advertising Bureau Singapore (IAB), Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore (4As), Institute of Advertising Singapore (IAS), Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), and Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF).

"comScore Media Metrix 360 provides the most comprehensive digital measurement solution available in the industry today," said Joe Nguyen, comScore vice president for Southeast Asia. "By offering publishers in Southeast Asia the opportunity to participate in comScore Media Metrix 360 tagging at no cost, we hope to provide the industry with increasing accuracy in online measurement and continued innovation that will help bring growth to these digital markets."

A combination of panel and census-based approaches

comScore's Media Metrix 360 unified solution to digital audience measurement was launched in the Asia Pacific region earlier this year. The service combines both panel and census-based approaches for measuring digital consumer behavior to provide a more harmonised audience measurement solution, while also helping to reconcile the long-standing debate between panel-based audience measurement data and server-side web analytics data. The enhanced methodology accounts for the full universe of Internet usage, including traffic from Internet cafes and mobile devices, which are both significant drivers of Web usage in this region.

"Singapore and Southeast Asia are home to dynamic digital economies," said Ken Mandel, regional vice president of Sales & Marketplaces, Yahoo! Asia Pacific and chairman of the IAB Leadership Council. "Through the formation of such industry bodies as the IAB Singapore and the MDA Interactive Industry Alliances and Initiatives, support for the development of Singapore's digital industry continues to accelerate. Initiatives that help bring more data consensus between publishers, advertisers and agencies will only help fuel growth in the industry and bring further return on digital investment."

Nguyen continued, "This initiative will be especially important for small and medium-size publishers who will now have the ability to tag their sites with comScore, joining major publishers that have already adopted this solution. Now publishers will be compared on par with each other by agencies that utilise comScore reports in their media planning, helping bring additional accuracy, confidence and progress to the digital industry as a whole."

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