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Nigerian male grooming market set for growth

African research company, Trendtype, conducted a comprehensive survey on the Nigerian male grooming market, and it predicts rapid growth.

©Baiba Opule via 123RF
With its young population and increasing wealth, Nigeria continues to be an attractive long-term market for African and international brands. The survey provides insight for brands considering entering the market for the first time or launching new products.

Research highlights

• 51% of 25 to 34-year-olds use male grooming products to feel good about themselves
• 60% of 14 to 17year-olds use male grooming products to make themselves more attractive to others
• Less than one in 20 Nigerian men think men shouldn’t use male grooming products at all
• 34% said they wanted to smell good
• 31% said they wanted to have good skin
• A quarter of men rated having a good shave as the most important benefit.
• 18 to 24-year-olds were most likely to have bought shampoo or hair styling products in the last month
• 25 to 34-year-olds were most likely to have bought aftershave and body moisturiser.

The survey also found that gym goers buy more male grooming products. Nigerian men who say they exercise most days are four times more likely to have bought aftershave recently than those who never exercise. They are three times as likely to have bought face products and twice as likely to have bought body moisturisers.

Market still small but room for growth

"Compared to the billions of naira spent on haircare and skincare for women, the male grooming market is in Nigeria is tiny – we estimate it is no more than 5% of the size of the female ‘grooming’ market," said the research company.

"Nigerian men want to look good, feel good and smell good – one in three (35%) of Nigerian men believe they will spend more on body moisturisers in the next six months. The potential growth of male grooming in Nigeria is astonishing."

However, male grooming products are still merchandised as an afterthought in shops compared to products aimed at women. Moreover, the market is immature – leading male grooming brands will still need to educate consumers about what products to use and why they should use them.
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