Airtel splashes K1.1m in SMS promotion

Airtel Malawi has reportedly spent K1.1 million in the ongoing 'Yabooka SMS Promotion'. In the third draw, expected to reach a grand finale in October, a lucky subscriber will cart home a grand prize of K5 million.
Airtel splashes K1.1m in SMS promotionAirtel data manager, Frank Magombo told the media during the draw which was third since the promotion started, that the company believes in empowering Malawians by running promotions whose prizes are meaningful to customers.

"We conduct promotions that impact positively on the people's lives and it is for that reason that the response from people has always been high," said Magombo.

Airtel is also running another data related promotion called 'Surf Your Way to a Samsung Galaxy' where subscribers are set to win newly released Samsung handsets. The promotion's grand prize will be a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Magombo said the gadgets they are handing out are the best in the telecommunication world at the moment.

"We don't believe in giving our customers the second best, we start offer the ultimate prizes," a boastful Magombo said.

Subscribers that can win these prizes are the ones using at least K300 worth of airtime for internet related activities weekly.

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