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Purple tea is taking over the world, one cup at a time

Black, green, white... You've probably come across these popular types of teas before but have you ever heard of purple tea?

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Image Source: Modern Farmer
This new brew is the latest in the global health craze to cause quite a stir (pun intended) and it just so happens to come from our very own backyard - Meru, Kenya.

The Kenyan Tea Research Institute officially dubbed this special variety TRFK306 but it's more commonly known as purple tea. It comes from camellia sinensis - the same plant that green, black and oolong tea is derived from albeit a different variety.

Health Benefits of TRFK306

Believe it or not, purple tea has almost twice the amounts of antioxidants found in other teas. That regal colour is as a result of high levels of anthocyanins, which has many anti-inflammatory and anti-viral benefits.

The plant itself has a red-purple colour but the tea comes out with a slightly purple hue.

Fruits and vegetables with a naturally purple/blue colour to them have recently been termed as superfoods due to the high content levels of anthocyanins and some of the other health claims include cancer prevention, weight loss, blood glucose control and increased longevity.

Notably, purple tea is a little more expensive than regular black tea but given its unique health benefits, it's safe to say that this rich, fruity brew is worth every penny.


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