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SimpliFine expands in Kenya with locally produced products

Kenyan integrated food producer, SimpliFine, is expanding across Kenya with new, locally-produced meat and vegetarian products.
SimpliFine president Steven Carlyon with SimpliFine staff. | Source: Supplied
SimpliFine president Steven Carlyon with SimpliFine staff. | Source: Supplied

SimpliFine’s new range of meat and vegetarian products, sourced directly from farmers, include frozen meats, prepared meal accompaniments and a range of ready-to-cook prepared meals. The food producer uses advanced processing equipment and BigCold’s temperature-controlled supply chain, and believes that it can serve regional and export customers.

BlackIvy, SimpliFine’s parent company, recently acquired the assets of Alpha Fine Foods, underpinning the company’s endeavours in supporting regional farmers with access to commercial agricultural markets and assistance with partnerships in the farming sector.

“We are delighted to be expanding and investing across the food value chain in Kenya to provide quality, locally sourced fine foods. At SimpliFine, we are committed to making good, honest food with care and local ingredients. We are passionate about growing communities by delivering quality, nutritional foods at accessible prices,” SimpliFine president Steven Carlyon says.

Rebuilding the Kenyan economy post-Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the global food industry and disrupted many existing supply chains. As Kenya continues to reposition itself economically, the country can strengthen regional value chains, reduce its reliance on imports and build economic resilience. Carlyon, a six-sigma trained food manufacturing business leader with experience across three continents, believes that opportunities are ripe for Kenya’s agricultural and food sectors.

Historically, the absence of a temperature-controlled supply chain resulted in spoilage of up to 60% of locally-produced food, decreasing farmers’ income and increasing consumer prices. The lack of a consistent supply of quality products has also resulted in many hotels, restaurants and catering companies relying on expensive imported goods.

In 2020, Kenya imported $2.5bn in food products. SimpliFine says it is leveraging BigCold’s supply chain management and operational expertise to ensure that “locally sourced quality food is delivered to customers efficiently and safely.”

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