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Accenture and Palantir secure $415m contract with NHS England to deploy data system

Accenture and Palantir Technologies have joined forces in a consortium that successfully secured a substantial contract from NHS England.
Source: 123RF.
Source: 123RF.

The newly announced $415m agreement assigns the consortium the responsibility of implementing a data exchange system across multiple NHS locations over the next five years.

Palantir will implement the Federated Data Platform (FDP), aimed at enhancing interoperability among NHS trusts and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). General practitioner national data will be excluded from this initiative.

The platform will concentrate on various essential functions, that include, among others, improving population health management, enhancing efficiency in supply chain processes and facilitating vaccination scheduling.

The first year of the agreement is financed at £25.6m, and the overall worth of the contract totals approximately £330m over seven years. The collaboration involves backing from professional services entities such as PwC, NECS, and Carnall Farrar.

Palantir is most recognised for its collaborations with intelligence and military organisations in the US, UK, and other regions, including the CIA. The company entered the realm of the NHS in March 2020, following a government invitation, to analyse extensive health-service data in support of the official response to the evolving Covid pandemic.

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