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First Audi Summit showcases new A8, concepts for individual mobility

BARCELONA, Spain: At the first Audi Summit, the brand showcased the new Audi A8 as well as new concepts for individual mobility in the digital age, with topics such as sustainable manufacturing, lightweight construction, connectivity, piloted driving, and digital services.

The Audi flagship is now in its fourth generation; its design language represents the new face of the brand and its onboard technology is reportedly making Audi the world’s first premium manufacturer with a fully electrified model series.

First Audi Summit showcases new A8, concepts for individual mobility

The mild hybrid with its 48-volt main electrical system allows coasting with its engine switched off and drivetrain decoupled, an extended start-stop mode and a high level of brake-energy recuperation. And the Audi A8 is the world’s first series-produced car developed for highly automated driving. In traffic jams on the highway, it can take over control at speeds up to 60 kilometres per hour, while the driver can be otherwise occupied.

AI technology

The company also presented its Audi AI technology. The Audi AI trademark stands for concepts such as autonomy, intelligence, and innovation. The Audi of the future will continually learn and develop its capabilities, while the technology adapts to people’s individual needs. Audi AI will also suggest appropriate services and books them if so desired.

The application of artificial intelligence opens a new dimension of performance for both the product and the entire value chain. As a digital car company, Audi is digitising all processes: from product development with virtual reality to the factory with intelligent robots and to sales with the latest digital technology.

Manufacturing, sustainability

The stages of manufacturing that were once separated by the assembly line are being digitally reconnected and synchronised by Audi’s new production process. For example, driverless transport systems will allow cars in production to move independently to the vacant stations of a modular assembly system.

Finally, the car manufacturer is also implementing green technology such as CO2 capturing, a process for removing carbon dioxide from the air. This CO2 is used to produce innovative fuels such as synthetic Audi e-gas – or even carbonated drinks.

By 2020, the product range will include three attractively designed and efficient electric cars. Under the motto of “Clean cars from clean factories,” Audi is currently planning the CO2-neutral production of the Audi e-tron in Brussels as of 2018.

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