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Top 10 global consumer trends revealed for 2022 - Euromonitor

Radical lifestyle shifts motivated consumers to make intentional, mindful and ambitious decisions in 2021. Now, consumers are putting their plans into motion...

17 Jan 2022

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Global e-commerce payment transactions to surpass $7.5tn by 2026

As omnichannel retail momentum accelerates, the value of global e-commerce payment transactions will exceed $7.5tn by 2026, from $4.9tn in 2021...

17 Jan 2022

Shoppers spent $1.14tn online globally over 2021 holiday season - Salesforce
Shoppers spent $1.14tn online globally over 2021 holiday season - Salesforce

Holiday demand pulled early with 30% of global sales recorded in the first three weeks of November...

13 Jan 2022

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AI shop assistants: Get ready for a world where you can't tell humans and chatbots apart

There are already more than a billion people interacting with businesses via either text or voice-based conversational tools. Conversational commerce is expected to grow to nearly $300bn by 2025 - half of it from chatbots...

By Shweta Singh 7 Jan 2022

#BizTrends2022: Why retail has changed forever
#BizTrends2022: Why retail has changed forever

Consumers don't want just products. They want hyper-personalised experiences and seamless interventions that fit naturally into their lives. But how do retailers cater to these fast-evolving needs?

John WatlingBy John Watling 6 Jan 2022

#BizTrends2022: What's next for retailing in Africa?
#BizTrends2022: What's next for retailing in Africa?

In the aftermath of lockdowns that led to divestments, delays in expansion plans and bankruptcy, the crisis also offered new opportunities to existing and new players to improve their market penetration across Africa...

Christele ChokossaBy Christele Chokossa 5 Jan 2022

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5 ways retailers can create shopper-first experiences in 2022

Digital business transformation leaders at Publicis Sapient have defined the five core trends shaping the future of retail into 2022, along with what brands should focus on to become organisations that put shoppers first...

31 Dec 2021

Virtual sneakers produced by RTFKT. Source: RTFKT
Nike buys NFT fashion and collectibles startup RTFKT

Launched in 2020, RTFKT is best known for making sneakers and other accessories for the metaverse...

14 Dec 2021

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Just 40% of shoppers trust retailers to fulfill orders as promised

Latest Zebra study shows long-term changes to shopper behaviour driving retailers to prioritise improvements in their labour and supply chain capabilities...

22 Nov 2021

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Kiwi Pay Group to roll out online marketplace in Africa, starting in Cameroon

Singapore-based fintech firm Kiwi Pay Group is set to launch what it claims will be the "biggest online marketplace in sub-Saharan Africa", with millions of product SKUs across various categories...

15 Nov 2021

How retailers are going digital-first this holiday season
How retailers are going digital-first this holiday season

The future of retail will continue to be centered around the competition for consumer loyalty in an all-digital world, writes Robbie Kearns of Salesforce...

Robbie KearnsBy Robbie Kearns 15 Nov 2021

DP World launches e-commerce platform in Kenya
DP World launches e-commerce platform in Kenya

As an innovative online marketplace, will help unlock access to global markets for Kenyan businesses, with fulfilment through DP World's worldwide ports and logistics network...

9 Nov 2021

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The rise of fake e-commerce sites around Black Friday - and how to spot them

FortiGuard Labs has observed an increasing number of scams involving counterfeit websites that "appear" to be legitimate e-commerce sites...

5 Nov 2021

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