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    Luxury fashion label Chanel invests $25m in new climate adaptation fund

    Chanel is backing a new climate adaptation fund that aims to raise $100m by 2025 to invest in projects to promote sustainable agriculture, protect forests and support small-scale farmers in developing countries...

    By Michael Taylor 11 Jun 2021

    Greening the planet: We can't just plant trees, we have to restore forests

    Planting trees can sometimes be a carbon-offset box-ticking exercise, but reforestation is a long-term commitment that supports communities, promotes biodiversity and tackles the climate emergency...

    By Tristram Hales, Benoit Goossens and Mike Bruford 21 May 2021

    African rainforests slow climate change despite record heat, drought

    Africa's tropical forests appear more resilient as carbon sinks than Amazonian rainforests - mopping up planet-warming carbon dioxide even when sizzling El Nino heat halted absorption in other parts of the world, researchers said on Monday...

    By Nita Bhalla 18 May 2021

    FAO, partners' high-tech response to help win fight against desert locust swarms

    In the past year, waves of the desert locusts have swept across East Africa, Yemen and southwest Asia in massive swarms which have contained up to 80 million in a single square kilometre...

    11 May 2021

    New mangrove forest mapping tool puts conservation in reach of coastal communities

    Despite their enormous value, mangroves are being removed at an alarming rate. A new tool aims to help communities reverse mangrove loss and tap into conservation programmes and funding.

    By Trevor Gareth Jones 15 Jan 2021

    Demand for meat is driving deforestation in Brazil - changing the soy industry could stop it

    Deforestation in Brazil recently reached a 12-year high, prompting France to cut soybean imports from the country...

    By Angela Guerrero and Malika Virah-Sawmy 4 Jan 2021

    Global forest sector: Providing solutions for pandemic recovery

    In its statement released in Rome, Italy today, the Advisory Committee of Sustainable Forest-based Industries referenced the essential role that forestry and forest products have played during the pandemic - and how they can help drive much-needed economic recovery...

    9 Oct 2020

    How our food choices cut into forests and put us closer to viruses

    Forests provide an essential buffer between people and wildlife - and the viruses they carry. Global agriculture is destroying forests, harming biodiversity and may be putting human life at risk...

    24 Aug 2020

    Are young trees or old forests more important for slowing climate change?

    The age of a forest can influence how effectively it offsets our emissions...

    By Tom Pugh 31 Jul 2020

    Revolutionise food production system or face mass deforestation, scientists warn

    Indigenous and local communities face threats from biodiversity loss...

    By Julie Mollins 20 Feb 2020

    Management of intact forestlands by indigenous peoples key to protecting climate

    Rights recognition crucial to fend off global warming and catastrophic climate change...

    By Julie Mollins 24 Jan 2020

    Growing extra trees, shrubs raises smallholders $50/year

    When smallholder farmers mix trees and shrubs into their lands it increases their revenues by almost $50 per person per year, a study has revealed...

    By Gilbert Nakweya 23 Jan 2020

    ICRAF assesses the socioeconomic impact of agroforestry in Kenya

    The World Agroforestry Centre has found that an agroforestry-development programme run by Vi Agroforestry, a Swedish NGO in Kenya, has improved farmers' incomes from agroforestry products, increased access to fuelwood, and raised milk yields for dairy farmers...

    13 Jan 2020

    FAO highlights solutions to deforestation

    FAO is working with countries to coordinate land use approaches across sectors, ensuring integrated management of forests and agriculture so that both food security and forestry objectives are met...

    18 Dec 2019

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